What do you think the above users deepest darkest secrets are?

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Morphed into a Stee Ball.

Never again.

Morphed into a cookie, and I will guard him. :3

Guards me with great dedication. And I love 'em for it.

Has much love to go around, as he is a cookie and cookies are your best friend.

Considers me their best friend when I'm bestest friend. ^-^

wait, para is a cookie now?

I must eat him! *runs after para* waga waga waga waga waga waga...

I was a balloon not too long ago. It was fun! :D

I'm the cookie guardian, HALT!

stop right there, delicious scum! nobody puts chocolate sprinkles on my watch!
now pay your fine, or it's off to the colon...

*steeple resists arrest*

"Then pay with your blood!, erm, I mean chocolate..."

*is a triple fudge cookie* o.o

*Locks para in the cookie vault*.

There, your safe now :)

*cuddles vanilla icing cake*

How did cake get in my vault?!

I only guard cookies, GTFO!

*Feeds steeple the cake*

Here para hug on the marshmallow cookie, its softer anyway :3

*hugs marshmallow cookie* Yay~

*noms on cake* it seems rook has taken the habbit of giving me free food...

I have finally found true love!

Yes well whoever is nicest to me gets a free copy of "Nation red" on steam from my 4 pack since one of my friends Ignored the gift request x)

I'd have to pass on that, mate, since I have to many games already it'd be wasted if you gave it to me, so I'd rather you give it to somebody who would find more use with it...

but that doesnt mean I cant be nice, does it?

No, you can still be nice ^^ Here have another cookie <3

Para, you interested ?

by the way, I dont have you on steam as a friend, do I?

An award for my niceness? O.O

I decline. :P I'll still be nice though! More nice! :3

Just Rookie mate, add when ready ^^

Or go through my escapist profile.

well, I would have, but it appears you beat me to it ^_^

Oh, I got it.

This user is a secret member of the most seekritest sect of Scientology, and is affiliated with Al Qaeda, as well as the remnants of the KKK, the Soviet Union, and the Nazi party.

Not only that, but he's also a member of a Satanist cult, as well as a cult dedicated to resurrecting Cthulu.

But only that, but he is currently directing many agents scattered throughout the world, gathering many technological devices and geniuses of both spiritual and technological knowledge, and is gathering them to create a machine and a ritual to form the ultimate hellspawn: Robotic Cthulu Chuck Norris riding Jaws.

But not only that, but he's also manipulating Obama, and will rig the 2012 election so that, on the day that Obama gets reelected, he will direct his armies all over the world, sacrificing all of humanity to the evil that is Robotic Cthulu Chuck Norris riding Jaws, and will use the comedic genius of LRR, Yahtzee, and other reviewers on the Escapist as well as other sites to create brainwashing propaganda so that we hail Robotic Cthulu Chuck Norris riding Jaws as our one and only god, when he is, in actuality, linking us all to batteries so that all humanity becomes a living battery to supply Robotic Cthulu Chuck Norris riding Jaws as he begins his conquest to take over the galaxy!!!

... Or maybe he just has a 7 GB folder of porn hidden somewhere on his computer. It's probably the latter.

I've been added by a person! Cooool. o,..,o Mortals are so interesting.

@cav: actually, it's the former...
I just use the internet if I even need...

OT: invented the term "ninja"

Is not a person or a thing.

he got cat-zoned!

Is bat-crap insane for Doritos and will stop at nothing even if one must dress up like a chicken mascot to obtain some at a College or something.

Is unknown to me and the universe in general......but mainly me.


Malty Milk Whistle:


Nothing, nothing at all.

Really is Frieza in disguise.

I am new to this here fancy e-publication....WHODAFUQIS FRIEZA

Nobody... Nobody at all.

Has a powerlevel of under 1 million.

but is it over nine thousand? :goes into hole to beat himself for that heinous Meme usage:

Is unknown to me. But I'd love to get to know 'em! :D

he'd like to know every single person on this earth

I once did too. Then, this concept of harem started. Then, shit got crazy.

interesting if true...

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