What do you think the above users deepest darkest secrets are?

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never caught even a single one of them...

Always catches them with a fishnet.

Eats cardboard

sleeps in a lettuce-box

Some sort of mysteries assassin.

Hates the orange castle crasher :3

Has a purple Orangutan named nibbles

Secretly wants Butsecks with Dr. Brian Cox.....:Gives "Soda" to caremel grudgingly:

Is jealous of Caramel's wish for said buttsecks.

His eyes are actually flowing through his soul in a particularly messy process named Bronyzytion.

He really enjoys late night viewing of Pokemon.

The above user is a Pastafarian

he's actually a bears fan (the horror!)

He's creating a band "Spikey wing wheel" :3

@rook: it's a one man marching band :P

OT: he enjoys to tickle strangers

Has never seen Shawshank Redemption and is therefore lame :3

Nah, I felt betrayed when Megas xlr was cancelled >.<

OT: Stole those beats headphones :3

Has dancing eyes.

Will never post again as he has reached 10,000 :3

he actually posts so much, that his post count resets each morning after getting to the maximum number

I wish :P

OT: ODD actually stands for Obsessive Defecating Disorder :3

speaks only from experience...

Has enough experience in abbreviations to know the truth about CIA!

is a member of the Canadian Inflammable Association

Knows about my dealings. Not about the FBI though!

what's your connection to the Fabricated Bacon Institution?

Nothing all!

He'll never find out about the NCIS.

He shot both President Kennedy and President Lincoln, he was responsible for the Y2K incident (which happened, but nobody noticed) and he gives expired food to homeless shelters.

He assumes many things.

He's a suspicious character. We have the right to question his past.

Demands bigger things. But always gets the short end of the stick.

Wishes to live in the centre of the Earth.

Has a mansion there.

Built a secret area for the execution by firing squad of baby puppies and kittens, hidden in the middle of Sweden's capital city.

Got it from a Swedish fake/joke online newspaper. Link for those who want it.

Shares jokes from obscure sources in hopes of stealing a house.

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