What do you think the above users deepest darkest secrets are?

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His favorite thing starts with C.

His favorite thing starts with C.

He desperately wants to know what the C means.

Knows that when he finds out about the C the world will implode.

Invented the C.

Really dislikes Purple.

ChromaticWolfen was at one point a male stripper named "Julio". Julio was the most popular stripper in town before he developed his Heroine addiction. He would get the drugs into his system through his ear and then enter a world of psychodelic fun times the world has never known before. In his stupor, one day, Julio accidentaly dropped his favorite spear onto the head of a midget from a twelve story building. He received no jail time because the judge was so impressed with his aim. Old men applauded him, but the hole that midget left in his heart will be there forever.

Once baked cake with just his fury.

Will never stop driving you.

Will never stop getting zapped by an electric bird.

Will one day create a messaging chair.

He once frosted a cake with his butt.

Has a creepy avatar because he's creepy.

Is sexually attracted to Fury Is Me's avatar.

Has plans to kill the cast of Two guys, a girl and a pizza place.

Has plans to run them over when they are least expecting it.

They wish to keel someone while they are sleeping. :o

Has the schematic for a killer death ray.

Wishes to use the killer death ray on someone.


Wished to be the one the killer death ray is tested on.

Wishes to be attacked by furry animals.

Wishes to hug a lionfish

Desires to be a lionfish!

Ordered the assassination of Steve Irwin by stingray :(

Filmed the assassination of Steve Irwin.

Wants to film a documentary on the untimely deaths of documentary presenters.

Wants to direct said documentary film.

Is a major connoisseur of snuff films.

Films snuff films on a regular basis.

Will generously pay 20,000,000 hard cash.

Is willing to give me more than 20,000,000 in cash. :o

Can't read my poker face, is just bluffing.

He actually isn't very good at card games. :o

(True D:)

Is a Thalmor agent.

(I HATE the fucking Thalmor. I kill everyone of those asshats I see, prefferably by incineration.)

Plays Skyrim while he is sleeping.

Wishes to be attacked by furry animals.

Well, I like playing with my dog. So... Yes?

OT: Sleeps whilst he plays Skyrim.

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