What do you think the above users deepest darkest secrets are?

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speaks only from experience...

Has enough experience in abbreviations to know the truth about CIA!

is a member of the Canadian Inflammable Association

Knows about my dealings. Not about the FBI though!

what's your connection to the Fabricated Bacon Institution?

Nothing all!

He'll never find out about the NCIS.

He shot both President Kennedy and President Lincoln, he was responsible for the Y2K incident (which happened, but nobody noticed) and he gives expired food to homeless shelters.

He assumes many things.

He's a suspicious character. We have the right to question his past.

Demands bigger things. But always gets the short end of the stick.

Wishes to live in the centre of the Earth.

Has a mansion there.

Built a secret area for the execution by firing squad of baby puppies and kittens, hidden in the middle of Sweden's capital city.

Got it from a Swedish fake/joke online newspaper. Link for those who want it.

Shares jokes from obscure sources in hopes of stealing a house.

Points out others' deep, dark secrets in hopes of covering up his own.

Speaks the truth. ;~;

Just said that to make me feel better. *,.,*

Wants to know how to say "Rhino-on-donkey porn" in Romanian.

Secretly obsessed with finding the meaning behind narwhals.

Believes that MLP:FiM is real, and that it is out there somewhere.

Is wanted for the theft of hundreds of garbage trucks.

Is the mastermind of said theft.

Planned the theft in his head.

Was mind-read so that I could plan your plan in my head so he could mastermind it so I could execute it.

Tried to do inception but ended up in a visit to Angel Falls.

Actually did that together with me, but somehow ended up at the magic bus.

We had a magical night one afternoon.

Is the one coming up with all these weird captcha's.

Knows who Jack the Ripper really is.

Would love for more coherence but I don't do sense.

Eats people.

Provides them cheaper by the dozen.

Is the cheapest of them all.

Is just as cheap.

You know things. Things you wish you didn't know, but haunt you every night.
(Also... something about a poodle? I'm not very good at predicting.)

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