What do you think the above users deepest darkest secrets are?

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Once stalked a frog.

Can't hear any song in the key of C major.

That's true... only songs in A Minor...<.<

OT: is Commander Frog and this is her favorite store on the citadel...

Once pushed a lorry over and yelled in forbidden tongues.

Goes by V

Can speak fluent drunken slur.

I raped somebody o_o

He confesses to random things!

Has a vendetta for starfish.

Broke the only working perpetual motion machine.

Wants to change the depressing wallpaper in his avatar.

Wields a midget nun and a wood chuck attached together with chains as (wait for it...) nun-chucks in battle

Stays up late into the night thinking up crappy puns :P
(just kidding, it made me laugh) :)

Is getting a nun tied to a wood chuck tattoo.

Likes to tattoo people with strange images that no one will understand.

Sings in a metal to jazz cover band.

Knows that doesn't sound as bad as it does on paper...<.<

Likes to listen to extremely odd music choices

Loves it.

Likes to listen to extremely odd music choices

Knows I don't really listen to odd music...<.<

wishes everyone would listen to his music choices (which are actually quite good :P )

Is made out of delicious pasta.

Is capable of distinguishing the real people from the people made of food

has neither pinkie pies nor parties: It's a ruse to lure anime girls to your lair.

Is the hands on a giant clock.

has unironically eaten fried cock(original recipe) w/o water melon.

Likes to watch the sunrise, then flee in terror pretending to be a vampire

His reflection doesn't blink at the same time he does.

Is part of a secret cult that worships the ancient Slavic god of fermented cheese which is secretly plots the destruction of the entire worlds paperclip industry which is part of a plot for world domination using pillow forts. While wearing silly hats.

Likes to put on a tuxedo and mingle with penguins :)

Is a penguin dressed as Solid Snake.

Is a person dressed as a person, dressed as a horse, dressed as me.... ie: a penguin

Is not a penguin, but instead a fat man in a tuxedo.

Is a lovely man beneath all the cruel hurtful remarks to cover up an inside full of love :P

Can read me perfectly >.>

Is a book apparently :P

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