What do you think the above users deepest darkest secrets are?

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Secretly shoots lasers when he roars.

Secretly doesn't like cats.

Secretly loves the persians.

Can't change colours at will like his avatar.

Secretly hates chainsaws.

delights in shaving kittens.

Dyes their hair.

Isnt actually dark.

Secretly doesn't has a hat. Nor is 2D.

Secretly created all animals that are extinct.

secretly a seizer victim

Is actually a lion.

Secretly has no secrets.

is in fact not a shape

Is the dark lord Sauron.

Knows that windmills do, in fact, work that way.

He lives in a windmill.

Does not have blue hair.

Isn't as Crzy As he looks.

hates Headbands.

He's a dwarf and has a knife bigger than him.

Secretly is out to get me.

Secretly is the clone of Lady Gaga.

Secretly is a male clone of justin beiber

Secretly is the neighbor of the real Justin Beiber and he loves reading Twilight.

He secretly is a /b/tard.

He secretly isn't emo.

Is secretly emo.

Would love to have Sepiroth's babies.

Is the love child of Kim Jong-il and Megan Fox.

Wishes he could marry his Japanese anime body pillow.

Eventually had to dispose of his Japanese anime body pillow for unspecified hygiene reasons.

Eventually had to be disposed himself for contamination issues.

They are madly in love with an anime character.

Has a crippling attraction to Oranges, when she walks into the living room her family will be waiting to have an intervention, during which she will yell "MIIIIIIIIIIIIINE" and run out into the woods to hide for the next 2 years, until her eventual re-entrance into society

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