What do you think the above users deepest darkest secrets are?

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Must realize the impending apocalypse if a rule 63 version of me existed. >.>

His deepest darkest secret is that he's afraid someone will guess his deepest darkest secret...

Who can guess that it's dating Rule 63 me? Anyone? Any takers? No? Good.

His deepest darkest secret is his plan to kill me in my sleep >.>

Look son! I bought new pillows for you! All nice and snuggly. :D

He secretly soaked the pillows in chloroform...

*smells chloroform* Yes yes, indeeeeeeeeeeeee~

Secretly hopes to be taken advantage of whilst asleep >.>

is in a conspiracy to ban para for being sexier than his mom.

Wishes he could stop us... >.>

Wishes something could stop you. OH THE HUMANITY!

Doesn't believe in humanity.... misanthrope >.>

misses a certain person

Secretly misses him too....

misses uwe boll.

Misses the target, bad accuracy and all...

gooooooooooogled rule 63 for little miss muffet

Wishes to be seen as random and wacky.....

Wishes he wasn't plagued by his own randomness and wackiness... especially at funerals after that last incident.

Spoke at his own funeral.

Would throw a grand wake after my funeral. Hookers and blow for all.

hired zombie hookers and bill clinton for all at his state funeral.

Would make an awesome MC at Grand Admiral President for Life Overpuce's state funeral.

He can never die, so these funeral plans are just wishful thinking....

Owns a fishing company just so he can slap people with what he catches.

Secretly wishes to be slapped with a kipper...

Secretly wishes to be slapped by a skipper.

Secretly wishes for eye drops

Secretly wishes that he could be a mech pilot.
capcha: underpants

Secretly wishes to be a Mech Commander and command a whole fleet of giant mechanized teddy bears.

has a mech-girl-cyborg-thingy as a waifu.

Doesn't even have a waifu.

Doesn't know what a waifu is.

Wishes he didn't know >.>

Doesn't want to live on this planet anymore. That's silly.

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