What do you think the above users deepest darkest secrets are?

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Is surprised that he couldn't stop his pastry binge. <.<

Is in a Goth folk band.

His papa was a rolling stone.

He himself is a rolling stone...

Is inspector gadget's son.

Wrote the theme song which we all know and love. :D

Listens to it everyday!

Oh you so crazy~

Doesn't like pina coladas or getting caught in the rain.

Wants to capture me in the rain and do unspeakable things to my tie. D:

Reads my diary.

Has no diary...

Is socially awkward hence why they have so many posts

Wishes they had my post count and as much free time as I've got.

Wishes to have a higher post count than sassafrass...

Wishes to transfer post counts into bank accounts! :O

Knows how and won't tell anyone.

is going to interrogate mPara to know how

Is going to eaves drop on interrogation to learn about it as well.

will bring popcorn and join me

Will make sure it's buttered to help with the digestive tract. O.O

will lend me butter because I ran out of popcorn butter....

He is allergic to butter.

He is allergic to mutters!

He lives underground... alone and isolated.

Is really a super villain trying to understand his enemies better

Isn't actually a paradox.

Likes paradoxes.

Is a clone of a clone!

Clones clones who are clones of clones...

Knows alot about clone research o.O

Is a clone of a clone of a non-cloned clone.

Is referencing something but I'm too dull to understand it. <___>

Alter Ego of LynxParadox

Is actually a zombie himself O_o

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