What do you think the above users deepest darkest secrets are?

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beaten by a bubblegum on the road

Tripped over nothing and fell flat on his face

Got eaten by GabeN when he tried to turn a valve once.

Just smashed on a keyboard for his username

Ate a taco once and got high from it because someone put drugs in it, but believed that it was a gift from a higher being. The gift of. . . being psychic!!!

Has not actually gone gonzo, but is only pretending to do so to get out of work

Hates brownies.

Has the key to your house. Yes, you.

Hasn't played any of the new Pokemon games

Hates the new Pokemon games.

Doesn't actually like Fairy Tale

Doesn't know how to spell "Fairy TAIL"

Is the highest ranking grammar Nazi

Never attended grammar school

Doesn't know correct grammar, just guesses the punctuation

Is a closet grammar nazi!

Is a closet youtube kiddo.

Is a closet Youtube troll

Trolls all the forums.

Has his own personal forum, in which he's the only user and moderator.

Bans all people who say his name three times in a row

Hates the enviroment.

Is a midget who glued a pair of cat ears to his head and painted himself blue

Raids farms at night.

Overdosed on sniffing Sharpies and is in a dream-like haze

Will die of cloud cancer.

Has an addiction to umbrellas.

Is an umbrella

Actually doesn't need that eyepatch.

Is a pacifist.

Stole all the cookies from the cookie jar!
What will I use to lure kids into my playhouse?!

Enjoys blowing up cats

Enjoys being blown up by cats...

Doesn't actually like Serial Experiments Lain

Lost his eye in a tragic pencil sharpening accident!

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