What do you think the above users deepest darkest secrets are?

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Doesn't actually run.

Hates taking personality quizzes.

Breaks personality quizzes.

Fails personality quizzes

Fails at personalities.

Flails at personalities.

Doesn't celebrate Halloween

Wants to abolish Halloween.

Wants to neat up some Christians for Halloween, dressed up as Satan

Wants to dress up as Zombie Easter Taco.

Has no Halloween avatar ready.

Has no Christmas avatar ready!

Still wets the bed.

Hired someone to make posts for him while he's asleep

Get's someone else to post for him while he works.

Secretly wears a purple chicken suit on wednesdays

Sets himself on fire to gain any attention he can

Uses zombies to intimidate his rivals.

Tricks people to fall into never-ending pits!

Has a curse that will make his head explode if he goes five minutes without thinking about tacos.

Enjoys wearing a dress...<.<

Enjoys dressing up as Helen Keller.

Casted Avada Kedrava on himself to see what would happen

Eats nothing but tacos

Poked himself in the eye to gain sympathy

Sympathetic towards burritos...

Was excommunicated... by a gang of psychopaths!

Not actually buff...

Supports the capitalistic whoring of Gotham City


...Just likes breaking stuff

Its not related to clowns in any way sense or form.

Master of the dark arts of Halloween.

Has no idea where to find Zapdos in the games.

Overdosed on Polyjuice Potion and is now stuck as a cat

Wants to be friends with Batman.

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