What do you think the above users deepest darkest secrets are?

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Prefers Spyro...

Oh you didn't!

OT:Is under F.B.I watch because of a series of fanfics he wrote about the American coat of arms.

Oh yes I di'id!

Is actually a badger.

Prefers dogs.

Has a defected brain.

Is the cause of all defects.

Caused the zombie apocalypse

Is a tastier version of brains.

Is a less tasty version of brains despite being brains.

Killed the real owner of that umbrella

Discriminates against burritos.

Oh wait,

That's not a secret.

Isn't a Nazi

He's a freedom fighter!

Imprisonment fighter.

Had the person locked in his basement help him reach +1000 posts

Is made of cookies.

Actually thinks Articuno is the best of the three

Hates all 3 legendary birds.

Hates catnip

Doesn't really like explosions!

Is bad at GIMP-shopping photos.

Is made out of radioactive cotton candy and play-doh

Bans people he doesn't like...<.<

Knows he will be silenced for exposing site secrets.

I know he can silence me but he can never silence the revolution!

Doesn't actually want to lead the revolution for the people, but so he can gain the power to ban people he doesn't like

Hasn't beaten my kill record yet.

Has an actual kill record.

has died 7 times

Has been reincarnated more than three times...

Has 12 children, all of whom were born from different mothers.

Is one of those children.

Is my mother.

Is NOT the father!

Darth Vader

's step brother.

Is the roommate.

The janitor of the Death Star

Owner of Taco King on Tatooine.

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