What do you think the above users deepest darkest secrets are?

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Is actually the imaginary friend of Cthulhu's subconcious mind, slowly corrupting us until we spontaneously do this

Is the atom bomb we need, not the bomb we deserve

The Dark Taco has many secrets. One includes what happened to Burrito Boy...

Secretly puts new details into his avatar every month so he can say he changed it.

Dyed his hair neon yellow to attract the goth girls at the local rave

Is not even in Tacodom.

Installed laughing gas bombs in mental hospitals.

Is secretly the Riddler.

Hates Zapdos.

Has rabies.

Has found the cure for infested pizza pies.

Contracted Chicken Fever as a child.

Hates the voice actors for the English Pokemon dub

Hates eating tacos.

Hasn't read the manga Happy is based off of

Has never heard of anime before.

Lives with the Pumpkins.

smashes pumpkins for breakfast.

Really is a zombie ally.

Wants to get infected and become a zombie.

Funded Umbrella to start the zombie outbreak

Hasn't actually cut anybodies limbs off.

eating an invisible piece of bread

Is hyperactive.

Will start the ceremony to summon the Devil upon hitting her 666th post

Will stall the aforementioned ceremony because the store was out off scented ritual candles.

Will burn me for my candy.

brings all the boys to the yard with his milkshake

Has a milkshake...wasn't able to bring all the boys to the yard.

Brings out all the bitches with the doggy treats.

Lord of the dance and incidentally France.

You're the Duke of Wellington aren't you?

Secretly into beastiality

Fought the Assassins and lost bitterly

Isn't the first lord commando.

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