What do you think the above users deepest darkest secrets are?

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Is made of indestructible metal.

Is fond of cow tongue.

Pioneered the revolutionary tongue masala.

Is the devil god that rules over Forum Games.

Will manage to accumulate lots of posts by the end of summer.

Can't find the washroom.

Hid all the signs pointing to it. T^T

Was the guy that hid all the signs, but chose to blame Red.

Attempted to frame me.

Is living in a box. A glass box.

Is posting from the afterlife.

Is posting from the Underworld.

Filled with kittens.

It's a kittens Underworld.

Is an upside down pink banana elephant.

Likes to observe pink elephants up close.

Likes to dominate next pages. >.>

Is a filthy double poster.

Likes it when I'm filthy. >.>

Is from the Underworld.

Likes to tune into the Underworld from time to time.

Can't believe what is happening today.

Wants to believe in Allonsy.

Wants to reject the series of events that made him homeless by accident.

Wants to make a movie based on those events.

Wishes for nothing more than my violent death. D:

Wishes for me to wish upon her bad juju. Dx

Wishes to be a whaler!

To be called Ishmael.

To command Bahamut.

To be a whole lot bigger.

To be a lot more intimidating. <.<

For him and me to swap roles.

For me and him to swap cooking recipes.

He's very, very hungry!

He's vewy vewy careful.

He uses his size to inappropriately peek at other people. ouo

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