What do you think the above users deepest darkest secrets are?

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She uses her smile to lull people into a false sense of security.

And then... SHE GLOMPS.

He is exceptionally good at reading people's character.. he then uses it to exploit them. ouo

She is the ultimate detective with skills comparable to Batman and Nancy Drew.

He's actually highly successful when it comes to deception, and is often hired by high-profile criminals to assist them in evading detection.

Wants to make a resume detailing her stealthy skills to forward to me. >.>

Wants my stealth skills.

Only pretends to have stealth skills!

Stole my pants.

Only owns one pair of pants.

Has no shoes.

Travels via moonwalk.

Flies under the sea.

Swims through land.

Clips over the terrain.

Made entirely of Melbatoast.

Is plotting the downfall of the escapist

Stage 1 the return of WarCry.

Wishes WarCry will overtake us.

Made the Escapist and had it stolen from him.

Is actually rather shrimpy

Wrote a series of mildly successful self help books in the early 2000s.

Was once married to his cousin for .4 seconds, during his visit to Las Vegas...

Is still married to his cousin.

Is a stand-up comedian who just yells the whole gig.

No not Arj Barker.

Is not really a doctor at all.

Is neither metal nor a knight.

Is actually a Rodent, not a lagomorph and stays out of trouble.

Isn't as evil as they look. :3

Is the real author of Critical Miss.

Is actually a kitten, but on the internet nobody knows that.

Is unable to ever deal with it.

Has no face. That picture tells the truth.

Pressed the button more than thrice.

Is a miraculous goat.

Favourite Pokemon is actually Bidoof.

Doesn't know what a Bidoof is.
I don't.

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