What do you think the above users deepest darkest secrets are?

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Uses a wig.

Has too much hair.

Has Pokemon porn on his computer

Sleeps on a bed made of burritos.

Never had a burrito before.

Creates alternate methods to wash cars.

Betrayed Leia to the Empire

Has a crush on Luke!

Is really your uncle.

Is addicted to the Escapist

His heart is actually very warm.

Hart is only mildly cold.

His heart is on fire.

Has no heart.

Completely removed their heart and placed it in a jar

Is afraid of the month of August.

Is actually an Nintendo 64.

Has bodies in the fridge

Hacked someone's Steam account and made it their own

Actually hates Tacos

Also hates Taco's.

Is really Grape.

Doesn't really have an account.

Was killed BY the Sega Saturn and is a vengeful ghost!

Is a genius with a chainsaw.

Is a chainsaw murderer

Can't break free from the machine

Is really a pancake.

Is the PR manager of Team Rocket

Is jealous that Redlin5 got Team Rocket PR manager job, instead of him.

Wants to usurp Redlins Team Rocket manager job!

Knows too many secrets about magpies and must be destroyed.

Is secretly a Magypsy...

Ate the heart of the Wolf mother.

Is actually in Purgatory, forever driving that bus...

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