What do you think the above users deepest darkest secrets are?

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Murdered Lincoln using time travel.

Favorite Pokemon of his is a Metapod.

Broke his legs in a porch sweeping accident.

Wears cat ears to work.

Has penned a pony/ Dr.Horrible slash fic.

Actually penned that fic, but used kailus as their pen name so that no-one knew it was them!

Is a North Korean spy.

Is a South Korean pop idol.

Has a stash of Doritos 3D's and won't share them with anyone.

Hates chocolate.

Isnt crying at Blue Valentine

Has had a cadaver kebab.

Cannot tie their own shoelaces.

He has no face, so he just moves really fast to cover that up...<.<

Collects shoelaces and sells them on Craigslist.

Can't go to sleep unless he posts in at least four threads in the forum games.

Projects his forum games addiction onto other people.

Is planning to destroy the world.

Will deal with it accordingly after sufficient panic attacks have taken place.

Still wets the bed when he has nightmares!

Pees himself when he's nervous.

Pees themselves when excited.

Likes listening to the sound of spiders being deep fried.

T0ad 0f Truth:
Still wets the bed when he has nightmares!

Strategic positioning of a water bottle! That's all it was! ;_;

Has strategic water bottles to cover it up.

Sells bottles whenever the economy is in dire straits.

Tried to steal my market.

Is a 4chan admin.

Secretly likes dogs...

Is actually Vault101 re-incarnated.

Participated in Pony 2012.

Isn't a real kitsune.

Isn't a pony.

Is actually a pony worshipper.

In private.

Lives on my street.

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