What do you think the above users deepest darkest secrets are?

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Doesn't actually know who Nicholas Cage is.

Was an extra in ConAir.

Once worked as a Narc and is currently under witness protection.

Is hiding from Troublesome Lagomorph.

Deals poker for the mob.

Is the son of a Don.

Is the don

Is my son.

Does not actually have a son

Is ginger. D:

Ever read Cupcakes?

Something like that I bet.

Deliberately loses his companions.

Is a relative of Stalin.

Secretly works in Vice.

Secretly works with mice.

Lost his job twice.

Works for the mob

Is a mob boss.

Gave up a life of crime.

Gave up a life of mime.

That pantomime that my English teacher ranted about... :-/

Is actually a teacher

Secretly hates gifs.

Secretly is a spambot.

Doesn't report spambots.

Lives to report spambots.

Is a spambot!! DUN DUN DUN!!

Runs a spambot ring

Runs a pickpocketing ring.

Is the main pickpocketer

Has 15 children by 10 different partners.

Has 25 children with 26 partners!

Eats people's middle children.

kidnaps people's second child

Is trying to start a campaign saying that I kidnap them to eat them, while I actually kidnap them to save them from Tizzy.

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