What do you think the above users deepest darkest secrets are?

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Was the fire.

Was the smoke

Is a Techophile

Is lightning, the rain transformed..

Is the bends.

They control the weather.

Collects Z-movies

Collects gorn movies.

Has played every Tekken game

Has played every Dead or Alive game. Including DOA Extreme Volleyball.

Favourite Bond film is A View to a Kill

Is not as successful as Yorkshire cricketing star Joe Root despite being born on the same day.

Is not a natural redhead.

Is a sweet transvestite from transexual transylvania.

He only sees things in 50 shades of grey.

Loathes Nutella, but says otherwise to appear cool.

Possess a copy of this game


Is the one that bought OverBlood for Teoes

Owns a copy of ET for the atari.

Most prized possesion is a Sega Saturn

Most prized possession is a lock of David Hasselhoff's hair.

Is excessively fearful of 80s Synthpop

Started 80s synthpop

Scouted Justin Bieber.

Addicted to white chocolate

Addicted to meth

Addicted to bass.

Absolutely loves this film


Likes to imagine he's Nicholas Cage.

Likes to impersonate Pierce Brosnan

Fancies Kurt Russell.

Is really Harry Plinkett.

Doesn't know who Harry Plinkett is.

Has played Robocop vs. The Terminator

LOVED Robocop vs Terminator.
(But hey, I actually did. Dat ED-209 gun.)

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