What do you think the above users deepest darkest secrets are?

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You're actually in colour.

Wears an iron codpiece to classy dinner parties

Ninjas everywhere!

Is really a Painis Cupcake

Tried to create a bronze figurine of Scunt


Is a Pootis Bird.

Bookmarked countless Spyro rule 34

Bookmarked Heavy, Medic rule 34.

Likes to pour hot milk down each earlobe, wrap themselves in film reel and recite the Knights who say "Nii" sketch every 3rd Monday every 4 months

They pour the milk in after the hot water when making tea.

Errrmmm...That's actually true

They like to spank themselves with sandpaper

Does more than just spank themselves with sandpaper... >.>

Prefers to sleep on the roof

Enjoys rubbing orange peel on their nipples

Created a dress made from watches

Enjoys rubbing lemon rind into their genitalia.

Sweat drips from their anus

Captcha: take a look (seems appropriate)

Would love to lick that sweat off...

Shaves their armpits with a rock

Has no hair in their armpits.

He has *shudder* child-nurturing instincts...

Lives in poopland.

Uses scalding hot coffee as a lubricant 0_0

Has a selection of chairs that he like to sniff to heighten his uncanny ability to tell what you had for lunch.

Goes into their living room every midnight on Tuesday to perform an impromptu flannel dance with whatever underwear they are wearing to soft jazz

Wants to destroy all men's underwear.

Gets aroused watching a YouTube video of them lip-syncing badly to "Don't You Want Me" in BDSM gear

Can list every Ryan Gosling movie in order of similarity to him looking like a puppy.

Hates puppies.

Somehow managed to kick self in the crotch and hasn't recovered since

Uses children on leashes as nunchuks

Has a face, we just can't see it in this light spectrum.

Doesn't actually like pokemon D:

Stole his avatar from another forum.

Psychotic* Lagomorph.

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