What do you think the above users deepest darkest secrets are?

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Maes plays on words

His real name isn't Rob

He is in fact a squirrel.

Rewatches Sailor Moon over and over.

He killed a man called ryku

He kills girls and keeps their bodies in his basement.

Has a collection of...............magazines

about gardening.

Likes the voice acting in every video game.

He watches only dub.

He is the wielder of the flame of Arnor!

Is a smuggler of shrooms.

Is jealous of something about me.

Is actually not emo.

Actually thinks that.

Buries their keys in the backyard for safekeeping.

Keeps the secret Cake key in his backyard.

is a rake

Has no drills that will pierce the heavens.

Has a toothpick that will pierce the gums.

Wants to go to doggy heaven.

Wishes he was god of dogs.

Was the one who convinced the Russian mice that there were no cats in America.

Has a fear of changing his avatar.

Secretly feels sexy wearing a leopard skin jumpsuit.

Not coming out the closet.

secretly is not coming in with me.

Pulled out his gun!!!

Pulled a knife I planted on his dead body From his pocket on me first.

Did not know how to turn the safety off.

Doesn't know how to move away from a gun being pointed at him.

Did not realize the gun also didn't have a mag.

Didn't realize I had a second, fully loaded Desart eagle in my other hand

Did not realize the RPG on my shoulder.
(Ima take you down with me)

Didn't realize he put all the rockets in backwards.

Didn't realize mah bud undid the rocket job and put them on the right way after.

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