What do you think the above users deepest darkest secrets are?

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Secretly copys his avatar for fun.

Wait.... What?!

Secretly realizes what is going on.

I still don't get it >.<

Secretly won't get it explained to him.

secretly is bluffing.

Is it... something dirty? >.<

Was to rude, and now will never have it explained.

Is secretly a Jerky-jerk face, and laughs at children who get hit by cars from inside his house.

How was that rude?
Stop changing the topic pl0x!

Is on to my plan.

Secretly doesn't have a plan, but does has some bread.

You guys are lame.

secxretly intended to make me cry.

*starts crying in corner*

Has a lame left leg from 'Nam.

Changed the topic because he couldn't get the joke either.

Really doesn't want to know the joke, but can't think of anthing else to talk about.

Doesn't want to tell me the joke because he knows it's hurting me... on the inside :(

Secretly has moltn lava injected into his veins every morning.

Thinks the molten lava is there to make me "hot"

Secretly uses molten lava as shampoo.

uses a rat as a bonnet

Stole his username from a 13 year old.

Is actually four months old.

Is spying on me

Stalks her own profiles.

Likes to wear womens underwear

Secretly has two eyes.

Secretly has a hat underneath that hat.

Broke the key in the door lock

Secretly filled his walls with uranium for fun.

has a secret hobby...nuth said

Once tied a gorilla to a kitten to see what would happen.

once watched me tie a gorilla to a kitten.

Knocks on the windows of residential homes dressed as the grim reaper.

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