What do you think the above users deepest darkest secrets are?

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Is the Heartless that's getting beat.

Has been jealous of my KH avys.

Is right...
*Runs away crying*

Is planning on taking over all of Nintendo's franchises for his own evil goals.

Has a Pain fetish...

Has an emo fetish.

Is an emo fetish...

Set forth said emo fetish.

Has no fetish.

Has every fetish in the book.

makes you a glasses guy

Changed his Kamina glasses out.
I just noticed that. Now it's out in the open.

Sings in the shower.

Sings in the shower.

What, you don't?

Watches Fox and Friends whenever it's on.

Sings Lady Gaga songs in the shower.

I can't help it, they're just so catchy!

Actually likes Lady Gaga.

Played with Lady Gaga.

IS Lady Gaga.

Is Lord Gogo.

Is the slave of Lord Gordon.

Is the master of disaster.

Dresses his significant other up as Kora when they do the nasty.

what the hell is Kora?

anywya, your secret is that you watch button moon in your bedroom and get scared.

Your secret is that you really wish you were Irish, cause we're awesome.

irish people are awsomne....
your secret is that your really dutch!!!!!!

Is in fact a Koala

Has a crush on Kathleen De Vere that can never be acted upon.

has an addiction to nails and screwdrivers.

He has a four piece suit made out of peeled off human faces.

Secretly donates some of his money to help poor humans.

Secretly donates humans to aliens to help his poor money!

Vrex that was weird even for you.
Secretly donates aliens to other aliens to save his species.

Secretly bakes pies to support Obama.

Secretly wishes he had pies baked for him.

Secretly wishes to the master pies for getting a cake.

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