What do you think the above users deepest darkest secrets are?

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Wishes that he fishes.

He wants to go to prison, and then drop the soap.

He wants to be that soap.

He wants to watch that soap dropping.

He intends to to do something after the soap drops.

He can read minds...

Wishes to be a 40 year old Japanese business man.

He CAN believe it's not butter.

Had the lemons all along.

Puts juice on her cereal.

Puts water on his cereal.

Kissed a fish.

She liked it.

He watched.

He taped it.

Labradoodle owner.

Is neither here nor there.

Is actually a goth.

Is really a horse.

Is a creepy fish.

Is a diseased donkey.

Is a deceased mule.

Is really an 80 year old pedophile.

Isn't as cuddly as thy think.

Is the one true Cuddly One.

Doesn't actually like to cuddle.

Secretly keeps a camera under everyon'es bed.

They're actually a dog.

Eyes are actually brown.

Crap ISNT brown

His brown isn't crap.

Gets aroused by Twilight.

Gets aroused by Twilight.

Please do not repeat that again.

OT: Is dumber than he looks.

Dreams about sparkly vampires.

Is emo and hasn't cut his veins yet!

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