Say something at the above Avatar's Funeral

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Simple Forum Game. Say something at your above avatar's funeral.

He was a brave soldier, fighting in the great battle of the Clown/Nazi war.

"he tried science now whats left of him is trying out new his urn"

He died on his last drop... Shouldn't of done the drop without any armour.

he lived his life trying to make us laugh and in the end just before he died he did

He will be sorely missed.......If only the truck did.

turns out he could not fight a bear.

why, why did you have to get raped by a clown.

Died of inexistence

Avouleance had a long life but sadly was deathly allergic to pollen. Unfortunate that his job was a field tester.

It is tragic that he was stabbed so viciously to death by an energy sword, but we can at least find comfort in knowing that once again, my ability to slay humans has not lessened with time.

Famous last words.

No, those were famous last words.

*stabs you with energy sword and you fall into an open coffin*

Oh woe...

The war has begun


We all know who to blame for avoulances death...

Well at least he died will all your base.

"Someone really should have told him that rose was poisonous before he put it in his mouth."

"I told him masterchief was bad business and the whole covenant human war was a sham but would he listen noooooo!"

He took out hundreds of pirates,he is what all true ninja must strive for.

Truly, he put the 'man' in girly man.

He was one of the greatest collections of pixels known to man.

He finally missed that jump.

He died doing what he did best... getting his arse kicked.

he was a great man... now as per his dying request.
THIS...WAS...SPARRRTTTAAA!!!!kicks the body into the grave
and my flights of screaming angry muscular men single out to you

I, like everyone else here, am looking forward to see what I am going to get in the will.

Wait...This isn't my uncle steve! Ah...I should've tooken a left at that crossroad....Damnit, Damnit, Damnit.

He died the way he lived... with a rose in his mouth.

We know that Arnold had to work to kill this one.

It's always the quiet ones.

Son of Sparda or not, nukes will do that.

We are her to say goodbye to Mudkip
I likez Mudkipz
But someonez dizlikez Mudkipz I will not rest till i find whose

He should have gone to specsavers

Wait, something has gone wrong here.

a valiant effort, and a great warrior, but he should have known I was a little out of his weight class.

He messed with Gandalf... Nobody messes with Gandalf.

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