Say something at the above Avatar's Funeral

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You know that guy?
Yeah, that's not him, that's the guy adjacent to him.

On Topic: It's too bad he died... he could've warned kids all about those hazards

@Traitor: You.

OT: He died as he lived: In a fight.

@Steak: Just saying, that's Black Widow kneeing Deadpool in the balls.

OT: I didn't wanna buy a new sign, so don't be creeped out when you see this dead body in the hall ways of the school.

Only if he was wearing his cup

So... where do you go?

And that's why you should never attack a women.

Poor sod never saw an inground swimming pool before then.

"Daleks don't live forever y'know"

His nose was his true weakness.

He/She died from a broken hip. Do not try this at home kids

Guess Melancholy Hill eanrs its nickname eh?

They were locked in a epic fight to the death over the last piece of Banana Cream Pie

He HAD to catch the frisbe with his mouth...

He was never too good with the ladies...

As you can see, he was killed by a pink flyswatter

Turns out Deadpool can die

I'd like to say a few words about our dear friend but I only came here for the nibbleys.

Shit, I'm here for the free drinks...

Her amazing discovery cost her life.

As it turns out, a seven nation army could hold her back.

She should never have gone to the paint thinner refinery.

She died from worn out muscles from dancing all day long.

He disturbed the wrong Doctor Who.

Poor thing raved herself to death.

I wonder how much I could scrap that thing for.

She never that truck coming at her sadly.

He shall be raised as a Demon Prince of Slaanesh!

He shall be raised as a Slave for the EMPEROR!

He shall be raised as a slave for Khorne, the murdered then once again raised repeat infinte

Some thought portals would be a fun little 'trip' But no! These addicting things led to the death of one of our brightest. The kids call it caking but I tell you these Portals can be deadly, god rest Chell's soul.

Poor bastard had to go and panic, never saw that rivet gun aimed at him.

He was finally EXTERMINATED.

At least he served a great purpose in life. *Wipes mouth*

Shit, Ninja'd.
He was a great, if dumb, warrior. The only battle he lost was against his own sword. He fell on it.

Turns out the alternate ending of 'Over the hedge' didn't have a very happy ending. Man that bear was insane.

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