Say something at the above Avatar's Funeral

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Though it was funny feeding Panadol to the pigeons. They will be missed.

And alas, we put her in the Recyle Bin by accident.

(Edit: I think that's Cortana...that or a very adult orientated Smurf...)

Yes it is Cortana, a very sexy cosplayer in bodypaint to be precise

OT: sadly Doc was wrong about thinking he could drive to Vegas without drinking any coffee

You're dead, I'm happy. You were annoying

A victory for disturbed men everywhere.

She was an alien...Haruhi found out...: |.

She evolved one too many times.

She never put out

He never put out...

OT: Too fuzzy, soon they lost all traces of him

Turns out he literally could not fight his way out of a garment.

Alas, poor Xpwn, I hardly knew ye; for you blinked yourself to insanity and eventually leaped out a window.

Poor man. People thought he was Jason Alexander and ambushed him, killing him instantly. Inconceivable.

Unable to get her hands out of her clothes, she failed to choose the correct drink in a game of poison-wine roulette. However, everyone learned a valuable lesson: never get into a land war in Asia.

It turns out he was talking about his child the whole time.

Her constant blinking was actually the result of a grapefruit sized tumor in her head which caused her stroke

He died a John Doe, no one could really get a good look at his features.

He didn't knew that travelling back to the 50's could cause an implosion.
Neither did I.

Ah... let us all have a moment of silence for "martintox", sure, he may have been half-devil, but let us remember the moments that he overcame his origins and contributed to the greater good...

Anyone have any examples? No?
Oh well... I'm sure if he had lived longer, he would have...

En Taro TheDoctor455

Alas, his long and fruitful life came to a tragic end, after he came across a begrudged metalworker with a deep seated hatred for puns.

I told him not to do a barrel roll,but he did,and guess what?
He crashed in that building over there!
"points at barren wasteland"

Why are we here again? He can just respawn.

At that moment,when she blinked her eyes...

One does not simply walk into the militant branch of the Vatican.

"She always kept my thread alive. Now she's dead!"

EDIT: Well,it looks like that pie joke wasn't a piece of cake!

I guess we should be grateful. He died to save us from... wait wrong funeral.

I killed her myself.
She wouldn't stop blinking at me.

Do not fuck with Yahtzee, purple fires and Glados.

He was Mr. Smith in disguise the whole time.

She was an anime character, as many other anime characters. I, for one, could never distinguish this one from the rest. But that's just me.

Mr. Pac-Man died as he lived: eating "pellets".

I have to admit he was one guy hard to blow up.

I finally achieved my revenge.

She resurrected.
But I killed her again with my bear hands.
No,I am not making a typo.

The gene splicing process forced his bear hands against him. Tragic, but funny.

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