Say something at the above Avatar's Funeral

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The little glint was only the beginning.

Wide brim hats, while stylish, can only offer so much protection from attacks from above.

Wrote an opera in braille with such a twist, he died of heart attack. On his gravestone, it reads "Why, Chad? WHY?!?!?!?"

Was always dark, and hard to see. And we loved him for it.

I told him to stop dancing. I told him he needed to rest his body. But he just wouldn't stop...

As we walked into the funeral home, we wondered if we should remove his hat. But then we realized it was what made him so special to us. That, and his abnormal hair coloration.

And they said Light couldn't be killed. This man begged to differ.

No one is allowed to say this man was a coward in the line of duty.

Where ever she went a stong wind seemed to follow... No really like it was always windy everytime she was around. Triped me out.

She told him to stop that. He didn't listen.

"I dibs on that hat!"

He was a battleclown.
One of the bravest.

She never let go of the bear.

Too bad she didn't live long enough to do actual magic.Or else the hat was just for show.

Even though I told him to stop he just kept flying higher and higher right to the burning sun.

Sometimes, eating a giant ray of light is not a good idea.

He was a smart clown because everyone knows that Nazis only ever kill soldiers.

Needless to say, he tripped and fell over his own shoelace. Now he's dead. It's a shame really.

We hardly knew ye.

He...erm...she...Actually, what gender was...
Y'know, never mind.
Wherever they are now, I'm sure they've atleast gotten those missing pieces of their face back.

He was the best, most greyscale fox we'd ever known.

He wore some funky glasses...and liked to rent a hotel room so he could dance when noone was looking, probably because he was bored

He was an optimistic chap. Perhaps because his wife left him 10 years ago. He was hapy ever since.

Not even a green and white rugby shirt could save him from the footballers...

We didn't know much about this man. We did know one thing, he has the most awesome hair.

His Last Words were "Now you can have your pie, and eat it too!"

He was trying to show us the way but he was just a little too pointy.

It was too soon...too soon...

Sadly the cold blue was too much to handle, and he froze to death.

The ninjas were too fast. Even with his superior pointy weapons he could not overcome the speed disadvantage. He shall be missed.

He never even had a chance to hatch

When the Darkness met the Light, he was gone.

He was four months away form his professional clowning degree, but he never made it.

...Haruhi happened. That's all that's left to say.

Well at least she went peacefully...wha? oh, to shreds you say?

Come on, all thsoe tubes and you STILL kicked the bucket?

We've gathered here today to pay our respects to Wade Wilson, again.

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