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His love for kittens ultimately was his undoing. >.>

We will always have his last words to remember him by:


Turns out that that's not the correct towering pile of hats. Who would have thought that the hardcore TF2 fans could get so riled up that a sword wouldn't stop them?

I can't believe I'm going to make such an obscure reference.


Men, I know that most people die when they're cut into multiple little pieces, but not her. Run, because she's going to be pissed when she claws herself out of that grave.

His obscure reference making didn't go down so well in an Irish bar.

He may have been loved by all but this sadly led to his death.

An army of fanatical schoolgirls was just too much for Para.

Dr.Susse insisted on playing as him drunk.

By the time he sobered up, all that was left was a hollow-suit of armour.

The movie deal was too much for Nouw. He could only take so much of the acting pressure.

Ultimately, he caught way too many sharp objects.

Little to his knowledge, the background was actually a falling star.

He was a fierce, fierce devil.

That lion was NOT available for adoption.

His small size ended up becoming his undoing when he decided to go out into the city. :(

I believe it was Ned Kelly that once said Such is life.

And that rings true even to this day. The thing that I'll miss the most was Scorptatious, Or Scorpey as we called him behind his back, will be his glowing and unblinking eyes.

Never before has a groovier skeleton walked this sinful earth. Alas, dancing in front of a cannon proved too much, even for one such as him.

And before you ask, yes, we are still looking for the rest of his bones. Pray that there were no dogs in the general vicinity of the accident.

He got his wish today - to forever be immortalized in a graphic novel.

Copies are available in reception. Dig deep to honor his memory!

Her smile could get her so far in the dungeons of pies.

The slap stick method will forever be remembered~

He may have been small in stature, but he claimed a huge part of our hearts.

We will never be able to look at miniscule insects in the same light again. Never forget.

Attempting to validate her claim of not being a Kitsune was not a good excuse to go into the Safari.

Always remember.

His tendency to refuse his status to keep calling himself a butler always impressed me.

Thesilentman sadly passed the way he lived.


He was a doctor, but alas he could not deal with it.

Our beloved Asuka. The only way we would have loved her more is if she were Sakura Kyouko.

My chance to comb that hair >.>.

Sadly Nouw died the way of many Anime characters before him.
Hit by a bus for main character development.

Little did he know, they did come at him.

They did.


She stood her ground against the enemy forces valiantly. Too bad she had to be chopped to bits in an extremely gory matter for Shinji to flip the fuck out and cause the apocalypse.

He went out emotionless.

He went out mildly frowning.

It's almost unfair that one man should take that much concentrated Beiber.

But he saved us all with his sacrifice.

In my defense, the Little Sister was saved >.>.

Alas poor Nouw we hardly knew thee!

His quest to find the rest of his clown body ended up with him losing what little of it he had left.

He didn't wear gloves. 'Nuff said.

She may have been slightly vivacious, but it was all for the best.

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