Say something at the above Avatar's Funeral

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Well, here we are again..

I don't know what happened, he started foaming at the mouth and started to shake his head uncontrollably and the next minute, he was dead

We were all positive she'd bounce back but...she never did.

He started eating something toxic, I tried to stop him but he kept screaming that he would have bitten my head off if I did.

He mistook a cherry bomb for a cheri berry. He might have survived if he wasn't such a glutton... *sniff*

He finally bit off more than he can chew..

He was a good man, and will be missed dearly.

*walks off stage and goes to other room*

We were playing Cards Against Humanity, it was pretty close to victory for both of us. When suddenly a Giantdad showed up and wrecked the shit out of T0ad. I've never seen such asskicking in my life and I hope to god that T0ads ass in heaven/Valhalla or whatever, is alright.

We warned him not to moon the Fighting type gym.. but no. He had to moon them and then crap on their doorstep for good measure. Bless you Morsomk, you mad bastard, for your #YOLOSWAG attitude.

He would always be there in the corner, of this time...a little bark.

Looks like he can never be happy every again.

Ni caused his death, let Nu one forget.

Poor Tizzy. He necroed a bunch of old forum games and was never seen again..

Poor Teoes, he was silenced under...mysterious circumstances *hides knife*

He wouldn't listen. I told him to check himself, instead he chose to wreck himself.

'tis was a sad day, when Teoes decided to do those mad flippity flops. But no one knew that the last flippity would end in a terrible flop.

If only I'd known.. the picture would've been good enough as it was - he didn't need to take that last step towards the edge of the volcano.

I blame only myself for what happened. Teoes decided to cook some bacon and what he ended up grabbing was not bacon, but instead flesh eating bacteria bacon that instantly kills any who cooks it. IT was not the most wonderful sight I can tell you that much.

If only he molted his white fur...

His new and untamed avatar turned on him. Pretty, it was not.

He lagged for several days with no water or food, by the time the lag resolved, he was gone...

Let us just say that it was probably not a good idea to have living Piranha for dinner.

It was the fish. Whoduvthunkit?

...I have no idea what actually minute, we were just hanging out like usual and the next minute....he.....he was gone. Punching sleeping bears in the stomach just wont be the same without him.

Well I never knew he was so fast.. it's just a shame I was faster, you know? And that trip. What unfortunate timing. Could've happened to anyone.

Right at the end, the seizure that killed him hopefully gave him enlightenment into his effect on other people around him.

Oh, Dante, we will miss you...

Wait, it isn't Dante? Ummm... is it Nero? That guy from Fate Stay Night?


Wacko was totally wack, even to the very end. I will say that the last jump that he made that killed him, was totally wack!

He got lost on a mountainside, but the rescue crews couldn't find his with his winter plumage. Tragic. :'(

He/she/it had many defining features... such as... well, um... hmmm......

(I'm at the wrong funeral..!)

Is this like the first funeral hes ever had? Cause I could swear that this is like the tenth time that he has died.

Let this be a lesson to you: I throw out landmines in the garbage, so don't go digging through mine.

Well, you won't be teaching any more lessons to people now that you're dead. Side note: people can't learn lessons when they're dead.

Now we'll never know why he was shaking his head.

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