Say something at the above Avatar's Funeral

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He jumped, even in death...what an hero.

I had a feeling his obsession with fish would be the end of him, now he's been eaten by one, how ironic

I so loved the way they...attempted to dance.


Bark, bark bark bark. Arf, bark? *Sniff* Bark...bark bark.

Bark bark, bark...bark.


He was such a good dog, why did he chase that ball in the middle of a busy street?

Dovahkiin Dovahkiin Naal ok Ziin Los Vahriin.

Wah dein Vokul Maaferaek ast vahl.


*bows head and meditates on Sovngarde*

So the other Bastards finally snapped and took out the Fr0ggy one for being so Irish yet so American. It's a shame, but I can't say I didn't see it coming.

His boss finally snapped and started killing all the useless fucks in the company that were wasting their time and not working. Needless to say, I do not have to remind you all that Teoes highly liked posting on the Escapist during working hours.

He was a good pokemon, had many friends, but he trained too hard, and like a candle in the wind, he burned out.

He kept the Funk alive.

He was much beloved by the community for bringing christmas spirit and fabulousness. He will be mourned by dancing.

Everybody dance!

After a long hiatus abroad, he returned to much fanfare, but like a mist he disappeared again as quickly as he came. He will be missed for his outstanding quiff.

The wonderful days where he stood there and talked to random passer byes was one of his gifts to the world and then sadly, it all went breaking down......literally, he broke down into fractions and pieces.

He ran too fast and forgot he had to stop before turning. All they found was a smoking disc on the wall. His spirit goes now to the land of sunlit running tracks.

We have no idea what actually happened on the scene, he was just standing there one day and the next he was gone, like he just walked away from it or something. Either way, we shall miss him.

He was arrested and shot for impersonating a famous waiter. This was a gross miscarriage of justice and we will seek vengeance.

The pigeons, they just. They got too much for him! DAMN YOU PIGEONS!

Doctor Horrible's death ray had some... unintended side effects. Namely ponyfication. And then death.

Well, he was certainly one mysterious character. Who can say they really knew him? I'm improvising, by the way - look, these cards are literally blank.

I think he might have been a manifestation of Sheogorath.

He lived like a rock, protected us has like a great brick wall, and slept with the tombstones. Let us not forgot Barbas, the statue.

She lived as she died. Violently.

Unless there's an actual body in that coffin, I don't think he really died.

He just kept...runing, he just kept fuckin running!

We will miss you running man...

There is no bigger comfort, than to die while sleeping.

He just couldn't stop laughing at that book, he laughed until his very last breath

He went out with a smile.

We unfortunately never found the head.

"4 down. Four letters. "Basketball game ender." Like I know anything about basketball. Wait, Neuromancer is dead?"

He died for ours sins yet again.

He never got a head in life

They always had the most uh... enchanting smile

Who catered this thing? Ethiopian Express? Show some respect for the dead! Show some respect for my belly!

Uh, Jesus died. I think we're pretty screwed, guys. I'll be in the bar.

Let us all have a moment of peace for Marathon Man Tin-Tin and his dog, Snowy.

...What's that? He's changed avatars again?

...I missed him by two years? Goddamnit! You guys need to tell me these things!

I told her not to go out in broad daylight!

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