Say something at the above Avatar's Funeral

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It turns out, looking directly at the sun can cause decapitation. Who knew?

Leet was a jolly good lad. In his time, he managed to bring happiness to those around him, money to the poor, wellness to the sick, ...shit... to the bulls. Um. I really didn't prepare for this.

Don't worry guys, he'll be back for Easter.

On this day, a dear friend to all of us had disappeared from our lives forever, and sacrificed themselves Somebody cry or something. Wipe tears. Nobody? Er...right...continuing then...

Oh my god! They killed Derpy! You bastards!

He'll be back in 3 days, no need to worry

He always smiled to the world. That's all I knew about him, sorry.

She never did let me pass that exam...

I'll miss Dirty. Dude owed me money.

We waited 3 days before the start of this funeral, to no avail.

I told them never try and make it rain outside of a strip club, there's just too many factors.

EXTERMINATE! That was a word Dalek Sec would often say before I ordered his death.

Dal...Dalek's love of holes was infamous. They used to *sob* eat around the donut to keep that hole in the middle. Never told us why. And now that love has taken Dalek, the one who made us feel...whole.

He was not a fan of Pac-Man. No, not at all.

I only knew him for a short time... like literally seconds before I hit him with my car. I'm not even sure why you guys brought me here to eulogize, I mean, didn't he have any other friends?



Well, he was wearing some nice shoes. So, that was awesome. And the makeup guy here did a good job covering up the tire marks, so...

Well I've got to get to court now. You guys have a nice day.

If only she had wiped away the hair in front of her left eye, then she would have noticed Barbas attempting to cross the street. And then she would not have been convicted to the electric chair.

But don't let us remember her for that. No let us remember her as the woman who always kept smiling no matter what happened to her.

Why are the three butts sticking out of the grave?

God damn it, this pisses me off!

I cannot understand why we are holding a funeral for a sign that seem to generate smoke for no reason at all.

Even in death, he is cute beyond all reason.

Here is for you Barbas *Pours Malt Liquor on grave*

*Sniff*. Now who's going to do the silly walk through the restaurant during peak hours?

This is for you man *Starts pouring Black Death to the grave but then gets stopped by other onlookers* DONT STOP ME, HE NEEDS IT!

If only I made it to the pokemon center on time.

Good thing I knew to aim for the head!

At least in sign polish heaven, he will be clean there forever!

He was very delicious.

Boy, that guy was surprisingly homicidal.

He lived by the gun died by the gun.

Sadly, he neglected to buy Vladof.

I warned him that I was going to teach him a lesson if he continued with what he was doing.

Here lies Rabbitboy, the first person since 1937 to fill a balloon with hydrogen.

TheRiddler was a tricky fellow. If only one of his pranks didn't involve jump scaring Killer Croc.

I told him to get that knife out of his mouth.

The world is now approximately 12% less adorable.

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