Say something at the above Avatar's Funeral

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He lived by the gun died by the gun.

Sadly, he neglected to buy Vladof.

I warned him that I was going to teach him a lesson if he continued with what he was doing.

Here lies Rabbitboy, the first person since 1937 to fill a balloon with hydrogen.

TheRiddler was a tricky fellow. If only one of his pranks didn't involve jump scaring Killer Croc.

I told him to get that knife out of his mouth.

The world is now approximately 12% less adorable.

A full life! in 60 seconds or less

I am sorry I stepped on him and used him as a hockey puck.

We'll never know why they always held that balloon! T~T

Someone drank him. From what I understand, he was a damn fine beverage.

Well, with him always having a knife in his mouth, is this really shocking?

The dance has ended. The world has become significantly less whimsical.

I told him not to use his electric attacks while he was in the swimming pool.

I tried to tell him that's not the kind of balloon that let's you fly, but what can you do?

I warned him about tailplanes, dawg.

I am sorry for what I did but I was stranded in the middle of the forest with nothing to eat.

I warned him not to go into my forest.

He was kind of a jerk. I mean really, riddles.

He looked scary so I had killed him before he could kill me. How was I supposed to know he was only there to sell cookies?!

Well, that was unexpected.

I really thought he could take the Onyx

At least he died doing something he loved

He now soars in the heavens.... instead of above archers.

Well that's jut what you get for prancing about with a knife in your mouth.

He got approved by shock and now look what happened to him!

He had an unfortunate brush with a Mr. Elmer Fudd, and unfortunately, balloons can't block bullets.

Still haven't worked out what age he was when he died.

Am I high right now?

I begged him not to fight that Onyx pokemon....

Man, you should have seen his other form. It was freaky.

Well he was kind of a crazy person. . .
It's sad but I can't really say it's surprising.

His soul lives on inside of his murderer.

That guy was a complete douche! *nudges Headsprouters widow*

Eh? Eh?! Right? Aaahhh you know.

Turns out he can't use his superpowers if he's riddled with bullets. Who knew.

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