Say something at the above Avatar's Funeral

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No one wore a top hat like him. The world has lost some class.

Even in death, she's still dancing.

Is it really dead? I thought these kinds of eldritch abominations were immortal.

His sacrifice will be the fuel for the rabbit revolution.

Knives...dancing...none of us could have foreseen such a tragedy.

Hideous abomination that brought nothing but suffering to those who entered within a few metres of him. My mentor.

His stylish hats and wide toothy grins will be greatly missed.

I am surprised no one has gone this route when replying to my post on this thread and taken the obvious hint from the movie my avatar comes from.

Ashes to ashes. Dust to Dust. So! Who wants cake? :D

Mmmm, tasted like chicken with a hint of mint.

New and improved dead Link, even quieter than before!

I did not see that explosion coming.

Before I tragically killed him he had...shit.

Unfortunately he was mistaken for an enemy aircraft and got shot down.

Cuteness Explosions are real and they are a threat. I advise all bunnies to not wear shirts while holding a balloon. Its just too dangerous.

He was a mage. Not the best mage, but a good mage.

Brought a baking pin to a gunfight.

I didn't know him very well but presumably his smile tore his face in half. A horrible way to go.

And that children is why it is bad to play with fire. Now who wants icecream?

We shall always remember him whimsy. He was whimsier than Namco and Bandai combined.

I'll always treasure my memories of when they weren't locked in an eternal cycle of threats. Such as

His hair shall be an inspiration to us all.

I was only away two minutes!

I am sure he valiantly fought for the Motherland. Now where are the cake and drinks?

It's a shame that scarf got caught up in the machinery...

That goat was hilarious but clearly insane for trying to drink all that paint at once.

Dear friends,

We are gathered here today to mourn the passing of Russian foot soldier # 1,192,921,220,011,221,121....

I told them that goat was fucking strapped.

He got in my line of fire.

Should've used the elevator...

I told him that shooting that ammo dump would be a bad idea.

Thought those rifles weren't loaded....

He should have worn the Eyestalk protector I got him for Christmas.

What we have here is a unique opportunity. Think of all the dooms day weapons your evil organisations could make with the technology from this thing.

We start bidding at 6 Billion!

Here lies Pippi Longstocking. And the secret to how to make hair do that.

At least they got the world record for twich dancing before before they finally collapsed.

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