Say something at the above Avatar's Funeral

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Should've used the elevator...

I told him that shooting that ammo dump would be a bad idea.

Thought those rifles weren't loaded....

He should have worn the Eyestalk protector I got him for Christmas.

What we have here is a unique opportunity. Think of all the dooms day weapons your evil organisations could make with the technology from this thing.

We start bidding at 6 Billion!

Here lies Pippi Longstocking. And the secret to how to make hair do that.

At least they got the world record for twich dancing before before they finally collapsed.

Poor Goat brought rifles to a tank fight.

I loved him like a brother, which is why I shot him when he slept with my sister.

he was a robot, so at least he didn't feel the impact that splatted him all over the place.

No dragon had a srs face like his.

Hi ability to re-grow heads was awesome, sadly his body couldn't re-grow.

He regretted nothing.

And the creativity award goes to...anyone but me!

He fell. And then he died.

She...really liked to examine perspectives...

I. . . I just couldn't catch him! WHY?

I'll...I'll never forget the last words he said to me....

"Hey, check this out!"

He didn't realize just how serious shit got just then.

He was a pretty okay cult leader.

His helmet made for a wonderful toilet.

And that is why it was a bad idea to cut the budget allotted to railings.

That scarf will be missed.

I thought he knew what he was doing...

Turns out he wasn't the only cult leader after all.

No one could combine an army helmet with a Toga like he could!

What now Draco, without you what do we do, where do we turn?

To the Stars Bowen, to the stars!

yes my avatar is speaking at his own funeral!

He knew some really good shouts.

no one could plant coffee beans like he could!

He taught me a bit about knighting.

He was above all else, a man of honor, who befriended a creature of legend.

That guy was f***ing mental! He burned down my house once.

He is amongst the stars now.

I told him not to fight that knight but he wouldn't listen

He was such a colorful triceratops.

I always wondered what would happen if a dragon inhale helium

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