Say something at the above Avatar's Funeral

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...But it was too late.

In this world, it's kill or be killed... this guy did both. Let us all strive to follow his example.

He died as he lived: in love with anime.

he was always so stoic.

I'm running out of things to say about this Dragon. He just keeps dying for some reason.

He was a jolly seasonal assassin.

Stern-looking fellow, that.

Running out of things to say. He's stuck in this horrid cycle of dying and coming back to life.

This is becoming positively Pythonesque.

I will see you again in the spirit world my friend.

Sorry about this, ladies and gentlemen, but I got a little pissed last night. Mad dress-code, this. Right, who's the lucky bachelor then?

I didn't think Mentos and diet soda was that explosive

Where are we going to find another kitty sniper?

He'll be back in like five minutes.

He really didn't say much. He let his actions do the talking.

That dragon had a mind-blowing arsenal of illegal firearms.

He died as he lived: a dirty commie.

At first he died, but now he dead.

He sure... existed.

I think he was in the Forum Games a few times.

German...? Is Barbas a German name? I guess we'll never know for sure.

I heard he dated an Olsen twin once.

Farewell Tovarisch.

What am I supposed to say? He was a dragon. It's not the kind of thing that... forget it.

It turns out he couldn't deflect 12.7 milimetres of friendship. :c


It was loud and ugly, and now it's dead. Amen.

I told him he'd asphyxiate if he tried eating that entire scarf in one sitting.

chicken sandwich


Such despair...

Ah, now I'm bummed.


Dere is nuhthink but feuh und desperation und murder.

Told him not to taunt those space marines....

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