Say something at the above Avatar's Funeral

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I said if your going to have sword for hands be extremly careful

Scotty never should have beamed him down...

Damn you, Super Mario Bros! You knew your 1Ups would lead him to licking the wrong mushroom!


He's in a much worse place now.

Well...this is embarrassing.

Well... they tried....

He's taking names and kicking ass of those evil doers that have already dead. For that we salute you!*salutes*

Well, at least we don't have to worry about maggots eating his face,

Wait, this isn't Mark Sanquire. Anyone know where Mark Sanquire's funeral is?

He did yiff in hell that night/


Too bad the toast was eaten.

This is why you don't let Haruhi plan bachelorette parties.

He was the funniest 15x15 pixels frame I ever met.

*Clears throat*

Hm, yes, hm. He was, hm, or she was, ahem, good. Ahem.

Damn, those ducks got him good...

I warned him that the furry convention was a bad idea, but did he listen?

*Clears throat*

Hm, yes, hm. He was, hm, or she was, ahem, good. Ahem.


OT: I told him not to challenge the spinning wheel. He never listens.

@Xpwn3ntial: I was prentending to be a rich, obnoxious snob. Is that what you meant?

OT: She- I think it's a she- died as she lived: Holding her hand in the air.

@Steakheart: Yes.

There will likely never again be a death so stellar.


She always hit me with that stare... That hypnotic stare... into your soul... into my heart, becoming one with my treu God the one, the one! who saved us in the time of the coming who saved us in time of the dying who saved saved saved saved saved saved saved-

*Gets carted off to a madhouse*

@Steakheart: He may have died in a madhouse, but his heart was always in the right place.

She just wasn't Moe enough...

He was wrong.

Saved saved saved saved saved-

He was the greatest piece of toast I ever knew

He made the mistake of eating apocalyptic toast.

That poor, poor fool...

*bows head*

The fer was apparently more Valuable.
They Blasted off for the last time...

He should have seen that NINJA(d) coming.

He may have been a buddy of squids, but, sadly, bears are not squids...

He was full of stars. My God.

Also, 777th post!

And this kids, is why you don't play with samurai swords

Remember how I said our pet, fox I think, ran away to live on a farm where he could frolic all day? Yeah...that wasn't entirely true. Don't go digging in the back yard!

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