Say something at the above Avatar's Funeral

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She was allergic to tomatoes.

we never found the rest of his body

Fire to ashes, coal to dust.

The most moe alien that ever lived.

We had one thing in common, the appreciation of moe.

At least she'll lie flat in her coffin

That's what happens when you point guns at me.

he kept getting ninja'd

It seems I am the only one at this funeral.

*stands up*
*walks away*

I was lonely being dead. so I took her with me. its not like I had many options, what with my abandoned funeral and all

Well, we all know where he's going

he broke through the fourth wall. ALL the way through.

Clearly he didn't think his trip to the beach all the way through.

One day, the sparkle ran out.

Damn it I got misbooked again, this is my third time speaking at her funeral.

He's special; 50 million people were on that Death Star, and yet he gets a funeral

Clearly Wolverine does it better.

His weird patterns made me want to get back into LSD again.

Remember kids, cocaine is a hell of a drug. Just take a look.

His LSD made me want to get back into weird patterns again.

He told Kyon on me. He was not allowed to live.

She was very-


@Steakheart: Saved?

OT: He was a little undercooked.

@SteakHeart: A reference to a few pages ago.

OT: She liked that chair.

He made the best fucking toast and jam!

And this is what happens to people who ninja me.

"The poor creature never saw the train coming."

It angered the 4th dimension.

I never should have locked her up with SCP-173.

EDIT: ninja'd

It starved to death, having never left the universes most comfortable chair.

ABOVE: I killed it after it forced me to google the SCP-173 out of curiosity. *shudder*

I shouldn't have let him change the lightbulbs in SCP-017's room...

*sigh* ninja'd. But it'll just stay the way it is.

He invited me into his house and would not take no for an answer.

He was told to not cross the threads. But he did it anyway...

I'm telling you he was a Rebel, who else would want to confuse people with bizarre patterns? Rebels that's who!

He done got blowed up by a farm-boy in a space-ship.

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