Say something at the above Avatar's Funeral

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As we stand here at this funeral we should pause and load for a minute.

Turns out the Inquisition, Ordo Heretics, Furries succeeded in DESTROYING THE XENO!

And I told him that the clown hair wasn't camo, but did he listen, No.

And I told him that the clown hair wasn't camo, but did he listen, No.

I lol'd. Hilarious.

Well at least he died smoking....

Aw Clownie... he made a mean pie

He was a traitor to heaven but in a weird loop hole he now rules it with an iron clad butterfly.

We all died a little that day. Except him. He died a lot.

He lived the way he died, Wrapped in sheep guts.

I told him the wig was carnivorous. He never listens.

And yet another one bites the dust.

Yet another bites the pie

His last action was slicing the pie.

Died before she developed

Turns out misses can't be deflected by an axe.

The pie tasted surprisingly good.

I didn't know him well, but no one deserves to be locked in a room with the cast of Twilight

Oh, snap! XD

OT: It was very hard to tell what gender it was.

So is he gonna keep doing that?

Too bad that golf ball was actually a grenade.

Go ahead and laugh; He woul've wanted us to


he was a good man, his husband will miss him dearly

Did we have to zoom in on the bullet wound?

He missed and somehow decapitated himself.

Turns out that suit really did kill you.

The honourable soldier succumbed to food poisoning from his favourite type of pie.

Now we know not to fart while in those battle suits

He had it coming.

It had to rain that night...

Hey, man, it was him or me. Don't look at me like that.

He bullied one too many people.

She just stood there for eternity...

He did not know what to do next.

Well... if the hat's not gonna fit in the coffin anyway...

Never run with sharp objects.

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