Say something at the above Avatar's Funeral

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He wanted to make a new record of "who can survive a gust for the longest!" He showed them

Turns out the pie was a grenade and he pulled the pin by accident.

"Who puts a self-destruct button in the suit?"

We will always remember that he fought for the pies

I told him not to play with the meat cleaver

Told him not to yiff that person but it was to late.

That's what he gets for using yiff as a verb, not a noun

It will surely be missed. Somewhere. By someone.

The hat she wore was awesome when it blew in the wind. Wish I got one of those but I don't think it would fit on my helmet. *Keep going on a rant about how awesome the hat was*

It turns out that the sword was inside him all along;
We jst assumed that it was a kickass pose

Now he knows better.

Knows now that when a wind turn up like that, its a hurricane.

"And that is why you don't swing an Energy Sword backwards. The end"

Reassured, It's pie

We told him not to hit that piece of rubber

I told him that pies don't kill people, but NOOOOOOO!

"He was a traitor... but went to heaven? Whaaaat?"

You think you got it bad? At his funeral, people LAUGHED at him!

I told him the hardcore fans wouldn't like the new spiderman.

Hint hint: That shirt wasn't red when he bought it.
I'm Deadpool!

If only that fan hadn't called him spiderman, then he never would have gone on that rampage.

Let's be honest. He's wearing a red shirt. We all saw it coming. What was his name again?

He was aiming the slingshot the wrong way.

Let it be said that the departed loved wind and cliffs a deadly combination.

"The cat in the h-" SMACK!

Those were his last words...

'His pies now paste the faces of angels in heaven.'

He never saw that Plasma greande.

"He totally said I was a Councilor now in his stead. Like seriously, that counts as a verbal document. So I'll just be taking that helmet right now...."

Such a shame he met Master Chief

Now a video of a man getting killed by having a pie to his face... gruesome... let's watch <-

you shouldn't pissed of god

Too creepy to live.

Too bad that hat was his life support. Damn wind...

You know about that epic clown who killed a dude with a pie?...
Yeah, that's not him; He's the sidekick NEXT to him

You know that guy?
Yeah, that's not him, that's the guy adjacent to him.

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