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Jossen looked at Gnost slightly concerned and slightly intrigued. His apprentice had shown an extreme aptitude for lightsaber combat, much like himself. Now he was torturing himself, in a sense, to gain better control of the Force. It was like some hidden force was guiding him, forcing him to exceed all expectations. What was his motivation? Jossen finally exhaled heavily and decided his course of action.

Jossen sat down on one of the archive's benches and motioned his apprentice to do the same, "Power is a dangerous drug as is fear of weakness. It makes us strive to be better, to push ourselves to the limit in order to gain power and avoid weakness. It makes sense doesn't it? The weak species perish in this galaxy and the strong rule for generations. Jedi, however should not crave power, they should instead embrace their strengths, such as your lightsaber combat A Jedi would embrace that strength and train around it."

Jossen stood up like this spiel was over, but he added a few extra words, "However, we are all victims to temptation even I and I can understand why you would not want to feel weak. There are ways of dispelling weakness. I can show you, if you want?"

With those final words Jossen turned heel and walked out of the archives, leaving Gnost alone once more.

Gnost was torn.

Part of him wanted to follow his Master, learn from him, accept his judgement and allow Adgra to help him. It would be so easy, just learn whatever technique Adgra had in mind for him and use that to advance himself further towards his goal of becoming a powerful Jedi.

However, another part of him was refusing to co-operate and 'seeing things as they were'. If Gnost followed Adgra, if Gnost accepted help, then he would forever be reliant on whatever technique Adgra would teach. Gnost beloved that to truly overcome a problem, one had to defeat it themselves, otherwise they were just as weak when the problem occurred, but it would just be very well hidden.

And so, Gnost sat in his seat, an internal battle raging, until he finally came to a resolution and with that, Gnost stood from his seat and proceeded further into depths of the archives, away from the bright door Adgra had left through, that had beckoned to him moments before.

He would triumph through his own skill and perseverance.

The droid came again at Maris with more fast, unpredictable strikes. She couldn't find a weakness in its technique, not with the droid changing things up every few seconds. Maris could feel herself being backed up towards the wall. She had given too much ground while trying to defend herself against the droid's onslaught.

In an attempt to give herself a bit more space, Maris leaped backwards against the wall, and pushed herself off, using the Force to increase the length of her jump. Her trajectory brought her up, over the droid. It responded by slashing upwards, grazing Maris lightly on the leg with its blade. She grit her teeth and landed into a roll, using her momentum to swing herself back up to her feet. She threw a Force push towards the droid.

The wave knocked the droid against the wall. Maris grinned with satisfaction, and used the droid's brief moment of weakness to attack. She ran towards it, her blade raised for what she was convinced was the killing blow. What she didn't expect was the droid recovering and parrying her swing nearly instantly. The force of the unexpected strike knocked the lightsaber clean out of Maris's hand, sending the inert hilt flying across the room.

Without a weapon, all Maris could do was desperately dodge the incoming swings, her Force-induced calm rapidly becoming panic. And without her focus, the fog once again settled into Maris's perception, tunnel vision setting in. She couldn't think clearly. The fear and panic racing through her mind made sure of that. The droid's blade struck Maris in the leg, this time a full-on blow. She yelped in pain as her leg gave out, sending her sprawling to the floor. She attempted to crawl backwards from the advancing droid, eventually getting herself against the corner.

Litai used force jump over the lone droid. Before it could turn around she swung her saber at the base of its neck deactivated it. She yelled out in pain as the out two droids came up from behind her both hitting her back with their sabers. "that was not a pleasant feeling." she said trying to dodge both in coming attacks.

She was barely able to parry them when she felt her another attack hit her side.

Once he saw both padawans would have been killed Lod immediately powered down the droids and ended the test.

"At this point you would both be dead, though given the circumstances and your level of training you both have passed this test. You both showed ingenuity and use of skills and techniques that would have been more than enough to defeat your opponents had you been able to face them together. With the passing of this test I deem it fitting to teach you a power of your choosing.

I myself can teach you to use the force to heal yourself, heal those around you, channel an enemy's attack back into the force, use the force to choke and immobilize an opponent, and channel the force into lightning from your very hands. There are other powers, and if you wish, I can find a knight who knows these powers and have them teach you." Lod said.

Latai walked over to Lod holding her side in pain but looked up at her master
"May I learn Force Lightning master?" she asked respectfully.

Master Voshyl slowed as Pyson called out and walked up to her. "Greetings, Pyson." she said. "I will update your datapad with a map of the Academy at a later point in time. Were you able to complete all of your repairs?" Cyran asked as she continued walking toward the medical center. She could see that her apprentice was breathing normally but she wanted to be certain about the status of the rig.

"Pyson was able to repair it sufficiently." he said, striding beside his master. "But the apparatus is still in poor shape. It's had too many repairs and too few replacement parts. He fears it may be impossible to fix after a few more accidents."

Cyran turned into a door on the hall and Pyson walked after her. It turned out to be the medical room. Along one wall were a trio of bacta tanks, and along the other were several cots.

"Can I help you?" the attendant said, approaching them.

"Pyson needs his lungs scanned for damage."

The attendant looked at him with a bit of confusion, probably expecting the master Jedi to have answered. Evidently confused by the customary Gand speech pattern, she grabbed a scanner and turned to Cyran.

"This one is Pyson." he said, pointing to himself. The attendant frowned and turned the device onto Pyson. It emitted a faint hum as it was passed over his chest.

"You seem to be in good health. Mild oxygen poisoning, but the inflammation should disappear within a day. Nothing serious."

"Thank you."

As the droid suddenly powered down and stopped, Maris let out a sigh of relief. She stood and brushed herself off before picking up her fallen lightsaber. Lod told both her and Litai that they passed the test, but she didn't feel like she passed anything.

As Lod listed the Force powers they could learn, the one about healing appealed to her. Specifically, the self-healing. Maris liked to be self-sufficient, and mastering the ability to heal herself would help her greatly.

"Master, I wish to know more about healing my own injuries with the Force".

"Very well, Litai will learn lightning and Maris will learn Heal. First allow me to show you the power of healing others." Lod said before focusing on Litai and Maris, healing the very minor injuries they sustained due to being hit with the training sabers.

"It will not cure any exhaustion caused by your training or practice, but it will heal physical injury. Now onto the powers, I will start with the explanation of how to heal oneself with the force.

Healing yourself with the force requires a calm mind. You channel the force into the wound and control it so that it heals you. This is a power that demands control over one's emotions, and failure to do so causes the power to either have no effect or the opposite.

Lightning is the antithesis to healing. Lightning is to take the tempest of one's emotions and give it form. The force is the tool used to give it form, and you simply shape these forces into the lightning. I advise great caution with this power, as every level and power like it pulls one stronger to the dark side. Should either of you need demonstrations or help, all you need do is ask, but these powers require one to practice. I can only teach you how to do it, not teach you to do it completely." Lod explained.

Litai nodded trying to understand how she can use her emotions to produce lightning. She tired to think of past events that caused her to feel a great emotion but nothing happened. She sighed trying to make her self feel something.

"Do not force the emotion, let it come to you. Once you feel something strong, use the force to amplify it and give it form. These are darker emotions fear, hatred, anger, sorrow. It is why the pull to the dark side exists, these emotions are dangerous as they lead us to seek power by any means necessary." Lod said in an attempt to guide Litai.

Litai looked at her master and nodded then focused and how she felt. She felt anger and fear that she would fail to learn Force Lightning. She smirked pulled all of her focuse on her feeling of anger. She felt it grow inside her more and more like a raqging tsunami builds force as it comes to land. She felt the force adding her rage and invishoned it as lightning. Sure enough sparks came from her finger tips shortly fallowed by lightning.

She looked to her master and smiled some. "I have done it master." she said.

While Max led them through the city, Ozri sat in the back of the speeder dumbfounded. He had never seen so many people in one place, buildings so large and expansive. Compared to space where everything was empty and quite, there was just too much on Coruscant, too much to look out, too much to hear, too much to smell. He roused himself from his stupor when Max stopped the speeder. He got out and took the lead into the building, wanting desperately to get out of the overly packed space. Inside was hardly better, the smell was stronger, the people were packed even close together, and the kept the sound it. It was all too much for Ozri, he felt like he was going to be sick.

Gnost wandered the empty halls of the archives, content for the moment to just be alone with his thoughts. Had he made the right choice in refusing to follow Adgra? Perhaps this would undermine their relationship in the future and prevent any further advancement in the order? But then again, Gnost was doubting whether or not he was fit to be in their order anyway, for everyone he had met and talked to during his training, they had all been at peace with themselves and they all seemed to know what they wanted.

Unlike Gnost.

He felt that he was destined for something other than the servitude of the Jedi, something greater. Whatever his destiny however, he knew that these thoughts were not those of a true Jedi.

Being snapped out of his thoughtful state by a poorly placed desk crunching into his knee, his attention was ripped from his thoughts and put entirely into rubbing his injured joint. Once the pain had moderately subsided, he looked around at his location, attempting to get his bearings on his location.

Much like the rest of the archives, he had been walking through rows and rows of data logs, a seemingly infinite sea of knowledge and learning, a sea that from which, he would pluck the knowledge he required.

Just as he was about to continue on his path, a strange feeling enveloped him and seemed to hold him still, it was as if something was calling to him and not letting him progress from its location, a quick check of his surrounding area yielded the answer to him quickly.

He had walked into the vicinity of the vault of Sith holocrons, ancient logs used by the Sith masters to educate future generations, like recorded messages, but instead of being pre-recorded, it was the entirety of the beings personality and knowledge that lay inside these forbidden hoards of information.

Gnost approached the heavy metal door cautiously, well aware that what he was doing was both forbidden, but nonetheless captivating.

Once he was within reach, Gnost put his hand against the large metal door and closed his eyes, drinking in the aura that seemed to surround him.

And then he knew, that here, was where he would find the information that he seeked.

Maris nodded. Calming her mind was one of the first true Force techniques she learned, long before she knew she was even Force-sensitive. It would be difficult to do it standing up, but she was confident she could do it.

Maris closed her eyes, taking deep breaths as she opened up to feel the Force around her. She could feel the current of the Force as it flowed around her just as anyone else could, but she didn't have the ability to manipulate the currents as the Knights or Masters could, at least not yet.

She focused her attention on the injury on her leg left by the training droid's lightsaber. It was only a minor burn, nothing severe. She fell deeper into her meditative state, trying to will the Force to flow through her wounded skin, to regenerate and heal it. After some effort, she could feel the small section of damaged skin begin to heal.

She felt a brief rush of accomplishment, and that rush of emotions threw her out of her meditative state. The transition was a bit jarring. Maris allowed a minute or so to 'return to reality' and turned to Lod. "Master...I managed to do it...somewhat..." she said to him, somewhat disappointed that she broke the healing trance.

"You have both learned how to do basic versions of that which I have mastered. Litai, I do advise extreme caution when using your power, the temptation to believe your anger is the source of your power is as strong as it is false. Maris, your power will be one of the most useful during your time as a jedi. There are greater levels to both of your powers, but that is out of your reach for the time being. You have both more than earned a rest, feel free to explore the temple as you wish or return to your rooms." Lod said.

"Equality is a lie! A myth to appease the masses. Simply look around and you will see the lie for what it is! There are those with power, those with the strength and will to lead. And there are those meant to follow, those incapable of anything but servitude and a meagre, worthless existence."

Gnost was entranced, despite the doubtful feeling that lay in the pit of his stomach and the overhanging fear that anyone could stumble upon him and discover his subversions, revealing him to the Master Archer and, god-forbid, Master Adgra. However he had come this far and he was not about to leave now.

The first, and arguably most difficult challenge he had overcome, had been initially deciding whether he truly wanted to break Academy rules and access the vault of Sith holocrons, for it was forbidden for one of his rank to have access, because his mind would be too easily 'corrupted', however now he saw the real reason students were forbidden from accessing the vault, it was because the Masters did not want to share the secrets these ancient Sith lords to bestow upon them, they wanted it all for themselves.

The second challenge had been overcome with greater ease, as it was simply the process of opening the vault. He had tried to sense the mechanisms inside the massive door, but its inner workings seemed to be somehow guarded against outside intrusion, however Gnost had something the Masters weren't expecting when they built the door, he had his drive and the power pain gave him. A few slashes to his arm with his new lightsaber had done the trick, the pain flooding his body with endorphins and the presence of the force, from there, it had been a surprisingly simple matter to reach past the safe-guards that protected the door and manipulate the inner workings.

The Jedi must not have been expecting one with such a power to be able to get this far into the archives.

The final challenge had simply been how to operate the strange pyramid shaped devices he found in the vault, as they had no buttons or other obvious way of accessing them, but in his pain induced, heightened force sensitivity, he somehow knew how to access the devices and he had.

He had selected a holocron at random from the many that lined the shelves, picking it up and setting it on the floor infront of him. His breath coming in shaky gasps by that time, he had reached out with the force and somehow activated the holocron, causing a twenty centimetre representation of a tall man with a horrific appearance, as seemed to be covered in some kind hideous parasites, a man that had introduced himself as Darth Bane, creator of the Rule of two.

"The weak exist to elevate those truly gifted and special to greater heightens! Those that deny this, the Jedi, are as weak as those that they help, for they wilfully blind themselves to their destinies, to their purposes! Equality is a perversion of the natural order! It binds the strong to the weak. They become anchors that drag the exceptional down to mediocrity. Individuals destined and deserving of greatness have it denied them. They suffer for the sake of keeping them even with their inferiors."

The Sith lords strange, passionate, yet entrancing monologue was not just appealing to Gnost, it was making clear sense to him. The thought of all the power he could possess under the guidance of the holocron and the power he could achieve through his own feats staggered him.

"Peace is a lie, there is only Passion! Through Passion, I gain Strength! Through Strength, I gain Power! Through Power, I gain Victory! Through Victory, my chains are broken, the Force shall set me free"

Master Voshyl thanked the attendant as well and with a brief smile the woman left to fulfill other duties. Cyran led her apprentice back out into the main hallway and then turned to face Pyson.

"I will give you a choice," she said quietly. ", since your break time was consumed by repairing your gear. You may have back the time you lost, or we can continue directly on to your next assignment." Cyran paused for a moment before continuing. "Your next assignment will be to build your own lightsaber."

Lod had been studying the great holocron which lay in the archives, it was how he had learned of Vaapad. He still had not mastered the style to his liking yet, his photographic memory had caught only so much as his duties would often require his attention. He knew it was dangerous to learn the style, and so he purposefully kept his progress slow and measured, constantly making sure the pull of the dark side was not getting stronger. He was going back to the archives to once again study the great holocron as well as to see what information had been recovered from Corellia.

He often did work with the archives, making word for word backups of data with his photographic memory and cataloging the holocrons in exchange for being able to add some of the more interesting ones to his collection. He had left his students so that they might do as they wish, but soon learned that that might not have been the best option when he entered the library and began his cataloging and study. It was a few minutes before he passed by the vault and noticed it was open. It was proper procedure for Masters and knights with clearance to close the vault door so that others would not enter without their knowledge. The door was left wide open, and this was a clear breach of protocol, obviously someone was in there who shouldn't be. He immediately pulled out and activated his saber staff as he approached the door.

Lod saw Gnost with a holocron and immediately lifted it away from him and placed it back on the shelf with the force. Even though this was an apprentice, he had broken into the vault of Sith holocrons and Lod wasn't about to take any chances. Right now, for all he knew, Gnost could be anything from a Sith agent to an actual apprentice.

"What are you doing here? Tell me the truth, for I shall know if you lie." He asked calmly.

"Thats rich" replied Gnost with an air of confidence, as he rose to his feet and turned to face Lod. Though his time learning under Darth Bane had been short, hardly even an hour, he had learnt so much, discovered so much and yet he was only at the beginning of his journey, a journey that Lod was attempting to cut short.

"How can you tell me not to lie to you, when everything I've been taught here, everything you claim to stand for is a fabrication?"

Though Gnost was no doubt himself, there was something off about him, something that even one that had very few encounters with Gnost during his training, could perceive, something had changed.

Gnost unsecured the lightsaber from his belt and held it in his right hand, not igniting it yet, but still holding it in its familiar reverse grip.

Pyson's eyes lit up at the mention of building his own lightsaber. He forgot about his damaged gear, and the giant mess of tools and parts that now littered his room.

"The assignment sounds great." he said, "Pyson would very much like to build his lightsaber."

"So Darth Bane's speech was that convincing? Interesting, I had only looked at that holocron after years of training. Then I thought about it, let me ask you something, do you think the Duros weak? One of the first species to develop the hyperdrive, founders of the primary trade routes used to this day, and by all accounts many of the best pilots this galaxy has ever seen, are we weak? General Grievous, an agent of Darth Sidious, launched an invasion of my home planet. In his attack he launched an orbital bombardment, and in the process released pollution that left my home planet uninhabitable. Sidious also would go on to later forcibly move the people who stayed behind.

Darth Vader, formerly Anakin Skywalker, killed an entire temple of children, a village full of Tusken Raiders, and would later commit atrocity after atrocity to gain power. Can you honestly say you would kill entire planets for your benefit? To use our power to help others rather than abuse and subjugate them is the sign that we are civilized. The Sith would kill you and your family if it benefited their own goals. We keep these out of the hands of padawans, not because we do not wish them to hear of them, but because they are dangerous. They speak of high ideals, power, passion, strength, and victory. These are then used to justify genocide, murder, destruction, and every other atrocity one can think of. They believe all those weaker than them worthy of death for their birth, so long as it gains them more power. The Jedi work for the betterment of all, the Sith work for the betterment of themselves. The rule of two exists because the Sith would constantly assassinate one another for power. It corrupts them, and it has always been their undoing." Lod said, his saber still activated in case Gnost tried anything.

Gnost almost allowed himself to feel regret after Lod's speech, he almost allowed himself to be swayed from his path, he was almost weak! However he would not fail so early on the path, he would not allow himself to be poisoned by the lies of the Jedi any longer and as Darth Bane had eradicated the physical poison in his veins on Ambria, Gnost would eliminate the poisonous lies the Jedi perpetuated.

"You speak of the rule of two, yet you do not understand it! It is an ideal! A machine, built by Darth Bane to ensure that each successive Sith lord would surpass the last!" spat Gnost letting his temper rise and already feeling the infinite power of the force gather within him, making him stronger.

"As for your people, they were too weak to shape their future and so, they perished, it is the natural order of things, the weak die out, the strong thrive"

While he spoke the words with confidence and recited them near perfectly, there was a certain quiality to his voice, one that betrayed the fact that he might, just might, not belive in the teachings of the Sith.

Gnost ignited his own saber in response to Lods own weapon, not adjusting the blade as he had done in countless training sessions before, but instead letting the blade burn into his arm, causing pain to surge throughout his system.

"I am leaving and I am taking the holocron with me"

"My people were not weak. The empire, Darth Sidious' empire, sought them for their prowess as pilots, even as he attempted to ruin my people. The rule of two has a history you know nothing about. The rule of two was meant to maintain a sense of order within the Sith, and it was not always so. There were times when many Sith walked the Galaxy, and they constantly murdered and assassinated one another even while trying to annihilate the Jedi. The rule of two came about in order to make it so that the Sith might stand a chance at destroying the Jedi and ruling the Galaxy with an iron fist." Lod said before Gnost ignited his saber and told him of his intention to leave.

"I will allow you to do no such thing. Now deactivate your saber and put the holocron back." Lod said as he brought up a level three force absorption in case he tried anything.

Master Voshyl nodded. "Okay." With a quick turn she began walking to the armory. As she navigated the wide corridors Cyran occasionally looked back to make sure Pyson was still following her.

After a few minutes of walking both master and apprentice reached the armory. Pausing at the door Cyran turned to Pyson. "I will remain until you are able to select a crystal for your saber. But there is something I must attend to after that." After Pyson indicated that his rig could not handle much additional damage, Cyran had decided to actively track down a technician to construct a new apparatus for her apprentice to use.

Master Voshyl continued speaking to her apprentice. "There is a man here who can explain what you need for your blade, should you have any questions about the construction. It is important to keep in mind that your blade is very similar to a work of art. Its construction is not a task to undertake lightly. It requires focus and concentration. Your task can take as long as it needs to, this is an ongoing assignment. If you do not complete the blade today you are free to take the supplies to your quarters to continue working in your free time."

Things were not looking good for Gnost, he was standing in the middle of the Jedi's forbidden vault, learning for a long dead Sith lord and spouting his philosophy at an armed Jedi Master. Though Gnost's pride demanded he fight, if only to maintain his honor, he had realised, through Banes words, that any pride and honor gained should he attack Lod, would not do him any good when he was slowly cooling at Lod's feet seconds later.

"Fine, take them, it appears I am not worthy of them" spat Gnost, slashing his arm once more, before deactivating his saber, then tossing both the saber and his holocron at Lod, before storming out of the vault, straight past Lod, all the while hoping that Lod wasn't about to strike down an unarmed 'student'.

Lod deactivated his saber, placed the holocron back, and closed the vault door before catching up to Gnost and using his force heal to close the wounds on Gnost. He didn't stop him but knew an unarmed padawan would be unable to do anything to him as he walked next to him.

"You don't seem to understand that true power is not some connection or display of force, but what one does with it. The weak ones will oppress others because they are insecure of themselves, they need to prove their strength to those around them, and it makes them viscous and soulless. Those who are strong will protect the weak, because the strong realize that their birth right of strength is meant to protect those that cannot protect themselves.

Also, I will have a test for you when it comes time to learn where your true allegiance lies. In my time with battling the pull of the dark side, I learned much from holocrons in the library. You will do the same, and you will hear the stories of assassination, and hear the pride in a Sith's voice as he recounts the murder of men, women, children, planets, and entire species. Even now you should think of what you are willing to sacrifice to gain your so called power. Sith kill the ones they love in their quest for power, and you must be willing to do the same. For even if you don't intend to, you will kill them." Lod said as he handed Gnost his lightsaber even as his hand stayed on his own.

"I hope you do not make the same mistake as young Vader made. You should think about what true power is before you seek it, and what you truly believe isn't what first appears."

"Do you have any idea who we're looking for Max?" Oriek asks, looking around the packed city.

"Or are we just looking for any merc's in hope they have information?" she asks once more, trying to pinpoint individual Force points within the mass, finding it near impossible. Dammit, I can barely see, I can at least identify Max and Ozri.

Gnost proceeded down the corridor in silence, content to let the disillusioned Master Lod spout his equality speech, because no matter what he said, Gnost was resolute. It was not just Darth Banes words that had spoken to him, he finally understood the sense of misplacement that he had felt during his time at the academy, like he somehow didn't belong, but it was clear to him now, that his ideology, even his very destiny lay far from the Jedi's.

Gnost stopped walking abruptly, having arrived at his room. He stood there, motionless for a moment, just simply staring forwards into nothingness, until quickly he clipped his lightsaber back onto his belt and entered his room, with only a single parting word to the Jedi Master next to him.


"Very well, but you will hear the cries of the dead and dying. You think you know what the Sith are because of one speech meant to bring people around to their way of thinking. You should at least hear their real plans for the galaxy and the other side. I just hope you will be able to live with yourself once everything you love dies because of your lust for power." Lod said as he left Gnost.

He immediately went back to the archives and had them shut down for today. He stayed in the room, finding the hologram communicator in the room, he called Archer. Today's events would be reported in their entirely, he would request that security on the Sith vault be upgraded without the knowledge of anyone else, that Gnost and Adgra be put on very close watch as well as all those jedi with dark side powers, and request that Archer tell nobody about the incident.

Lod was concerned about what was happening in the Academy, and he would be more careful aeound others in the future. For now he just hoped Archer was not busy and picked up.

Lod was weak and blind.

The Jedi Master, even knowing of Gnost's new-found perspectives had been content with giving him a stern lecture, despite the fact that he was obviously a threat. Gnost had threatened a Jedi Master! Yet he was still a student, or at least, they still considered him a student. It was foolish, if Lod was really strong and deserving of his rank of Master, he would have eliminated the threat Gnost posed, but instead he was content to deliver flimsy lectures and half-baked lies.

Gnost looked at his healed cuts with disdain, for not only had Lod proven himself weak by letting Gnost live, he had tried to rob Gnost of his power, he had tried to leave him as weak as the rest of them. However, the good thing about Gnosts power source, was that whenever he needed to ignite the raging fires of power within him, the fuel was a lightsabers ignition away.

The Kel Dor paced his room for hours after that, fully absorbed in his thoughts and plans, constantly going over the lessons Darth Bane had given him and the lessons he had found out for himself, the lessons that to Gnost, were all the sweeter, as they had been learnt through his own toil and thought, not served up to him by Adgra, or any other hypocritical Jedi.

However now, Gnost tired of being cooped up in his lodgings and so, he set off to find an empty training room where he could spar with a droid and hopefully explore his power more fully.

"Your second supposition is correct, Oriek," Max answered. "I have no idea who any of these mercs are, and quite frankly, if I wasn't a Jedi I would be avoiding them at all costs. Still, no-one ever said being one of us was a glamourous life. Let's go." They walked into the cantina, Max catching up to Ozri. The Togruta looked like he was... unwell.

"Are you okay, Ozri?" the Jedi Master asked quietly, hoping it was just nervousness more than anything else.

Ozri tried to breath, but the air was tainted with a foul smoke from something the aliens were burning.  It sent Ozri into a coughing, as he stumbled about, disoriented by the loud music pounding at his montrals.  He was faintly aware that people were watching him, but he was still too disoriented to notice. He wanted to be back, on Shili, on the wide empty plains, away from this toxic air and oppressive closeness.  He suddenly realized he had began mumbling to himself, "I want out, got me out, I want to go home, I can't breath, I can't breath," he was repeated until he felt the nausea in his stomach.  He pitched forward, a jet of vomit flying out of his mouth, and pittering on a curtain. He continued until he felt nothing was left in his stomach.  When he was finished he felt a scaly hand wrap around his throat and life him up, he suddenly realized to his horror that he hadn't thrown up on a curtain, but the cloak of a Trandoshan. The Trandoshan held Ozri in the air, yelling at him angrily in a language Ozri wouldn't have understood even if he wasn't totally disoriented.

"Oh, Sithspit," Max cursed under his breath before approaching the angry Trandoshan, a lightsaber in one hand which would easily be seen by the reptilian. "Let him go. He meant no disrespect," he commanded, subtly displaying his weapon, one finger hovering on the activation switch.

The Trandoshan recoiled with a hiss, dropping Ozri in a heap on the floor before flicking the vomit off his cloak and turning back to his comrades. As a cleaning droid hurried over to deal with the mess, Max helped him up and the two of them moved towards the door. "Perhaps this kind of place isn't the best for you to be," he said kindly. "If you want you can wait outside until we're done here. Do you need anything in regards to healing? Maybe a drink of water?"

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