if you had the above avatar tied up in your basement

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what would you do?

Take off the mask.

Edit: I have made a grammatical error. It has since been repaired.

teach it how to use grammar properly, of instead of off! You kidding me!? *slaps it violently*

Force them to play tea party.
Pass the tea Mrs. Pennyapple

Teach them about more interesting games.

Kinky stuff

I dunno, probably untie them and pay them large sums of money not to tell any one else. My badge would be revoked if my superiors found out that I tied some person up in my basement.

get him high on white out.

Steal their stuff.

Force her to dig a tunnel to China

Force him to become my evil minion.

Awwwww Id name it Mr.wiggles

Force him into a small round object.

Be afraid of the basement from now on.

Drive it.

I... I would be confused

Crush it.

Hyper-ventilate. "ITS RENA! ITS RENA!"

*looks at that girl from Elfen Lied*
F--- me

eat it after I stick it in my grill.

Destroy it

Hug it.

eat it with some traitor to heaven sauce.

Burn it. OH THE IRONY!

In soviet USA, man with fire retardant suit burns you!

Put the mask back on.

Takes the hat right off.

insult it with blondy jokes until it dies.

Take off the mask and see what she looks like.

break it until it forgets how I look like.

Throw a bucket of water on her.

Bring out the Heavy!

Chain it to the ceiling, and use it as a punching bag

Steal the ring.

Steal the hat!

Demand the location of the Egg Cave.

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