if you had the above avatar tied up in your basement

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I'd live inside them.

Page ten you slimy gits!

Awwwww have one last time of fun with playing cowboys and aliens

throw a poke ball at it! IDK Caught... A really weird Lucario!

Bring in a soldier.

spit flames at it.

Throw water on him

Introduce him to wigs.

Hug her and set her free. Oh and give her a book for her troubles.

Compliment his sweet hat.

Color it blue.

Convince her that killing people via hatchet is WRONG.

Set him free. He earned it.

Detain her and confiscate that hat. She does not deserve it, nor the dramatic wind blowing it.

I'm not sure what that is, but it looks like a skeleton, so lock the door and run away...

i don't know:
wonder what game its from.

alpha protocol, or more specifically, penguinz0's commentary of alpha protocol.

OMG you're still alive! I mustn't have burned you enough in our previous battle (yes there was one, an epic one).

You shall come in waves and I shall drive you back.

Deactivate the God of wind I also keep in the same room.

Decapitate them like the rest.

Find out why one of them looks shooped.

Have fun!

What kind?

Steal the engine and leave it on cinder blocks.

Steal her brain and put her up on ...um... crutches?

Take it to the far reaches of space,

(I just knew I was gonna be ninja'd)

Fill the basements with ninjas.

Show her the meaning of 'the joys of bacon'.

Introduce them to Mr. Thingy.

Sit and learn about 'the joys of bacon'.

Put more ninjas in the basement.

Inject her with massive amounts aphrodisac and force her to watch H-games while tied up.


I'm Hazama!

Introduce you to my friend


Oh, my. Friendly chest bumps for her in my basement?

Get rid of the rainbows.

Hang upside down and troll. Repeatedly.

I'd put you in a tournament where you aren't allowed.

Attack you with my big ball o' raep.


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