if you had the above avatar tied up in your basement

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I'd put you up against a person mashing only a single button.

I'd make her put some clothes on.

I would rip out his wires.

I would rip off her mask. Then make her a sandwich to eat; she's probably hungry.

crack it open, thanks for the sandwich but I need some eggs right now.

Turn your flames against you and pull out some shades for one very specific purpose: *puts on shades* to crack a very bad pun.


Then I'd watch you burn.

Force the egg to hatch.

I'd wonder how in the hell this happened. Then I'd probably let her go, apologizing regularly. Maybe even ask for an autograph.

Make an omlet

make a barbecue.

Get a fire extinguisher.

Mail him to the middle of the Pacific.

I would wonder where the mysterious breeze and strange light are coming from.

I'd let them go.

I don't know them and I'm too lazy to find out.


... Kill the human scum?

I don't know, I've never met one so angry looking before.

Send it back to Sanghelios.

I don't know.

Stone Wera.

Pour ink on him.

ummmm.... read the book with her?

um maybe not.

Make him not facebook anymore!

Make him eat a chicken duck.

Uh, I'd open the trap door. I dont like people in my basement.

I would steal your cake.

I live in California. We don't have these things called "basements"

Neither do we in england.

Use the helmets as portable toilets and the guns as toothbrushes.

I see no possible way that this plan could go wrong.

Hold him ransom for...

Wow I thought this crappy game would die within the first hour, you people really like stupid BS, this thread was a joke!

Inform that the escapist really likes basements.

and apparently first person car views.

I would take off his mask to prove that...

I would fart in their general direction.

I would do terrible, terrible things to her... like make her watch the 4kids dub of One Piece...

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