if you had the above avatar tied up in your basement

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Let's have a tea party.

o_0' you're tying me up and expecting to have a tea party?! WTF?!


The scones better be damned good...

You don't wanna hurt cute things. You want to treat them to romantic dinners.

Hmmm, my dog wants to eat you...

I would leave him tied because:

1: he is death
2: his dog wants to eat me

D'aww! I would do things that are probably illegal in most countries...



Like I already said: Why would I have an armadillo tied up in my basement? Particularly one that wants to be Keyboard Cat...

whats a keyboard cat?

Fail. That cat is not sexy by any standard.

Fail. That cat is not sexy by any standard.

I did say you were trying to be Keyboard Cat.

Regardless of what it would do to your dignity.

How big are your eyes... really?

Let's find out, eh?

God, this guy is scary.

*does secondary hadouken taunt*
"You were awarded OMGWTFBBQ"
Yay, an achievement!

info here:http://tf2wiki.net/wiki/Hadouken

*cackles like a mad scientist*

*sniffs with distaste*

God, this guy is scary.

Heh, heh, I try.

Put it with the rest.

Burn the house down. No offense xmbts, but your avatar kinda freaks me out.

I thought I was the only one...

I would steal his cap and add it to my cap selection.

I'd smack his nose with a newspaper for thinking I'm creepy.

I'd send him to a anger management course, still tied up.

I gave that bitch a mudkip, because all bitches like mudkips!

I'd ask him to define mudkip

I'd tell you.

"because I'm suck in the middle with you, a got this felling that something ain't right"
*gets petrol can*

I would sneak LSD into his nostrils

I'll see if that dog actually has eyes.

You'll what?

I mean, either that dog has its eyelids closed or it just doesn't have eyes. If I had it tied up in my basement, I'd find out which it was.

Ah, that doesn't sound half as scary as I thought it would :)

*I would let her out and treat her to a nice dinner*


*Lets dog out*

*pushes into Nether portal*

I would take off the mask and laugh maniacally :P

I would give him a shave.

I'd glue the mask to my beautiful face because every time I creep into someone's basement the try to take it off.

I never have. I'd serve him an icecream.

Her snarking would eventually make me tear every hair from my beautiful head! So I'd just let her go.

I'd free her.

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