if you had the above avatar tied up in your basement

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*adjusts gloves* Let's begin.

So much violence! D:

Spread the love! :3

*huggles* ^.^

*cuddles* :3

*kisses* O.O


pyramid head grape:
*kisses* O.O

-Turns on the home shopping network-


Along as para is with me I can survive! ^.^

OT: Now it's my turn! *Tickles*

NOOOooooo aaaahhhh!

Surrender your secrets to me! :3

Distracts you: Alright alright! The truth is... I never did play Hitman: Code 47 all the way through without cheating! I Know I Know!

-races over and tackles you-

HEY! :3

I know where you live! I was in your basement! XD

Let you go, because there appears to have been an unfortunate set of events that have lead to a man with a nice hat getting tied up. Then make him some tea and watch Monty Python for a bit.

I don't know how I would tie up a face...I would be more curious about how it got in my basement in the first place. I'd let it go I guess.

I know you're my wife now.

Oh boy...we're that kind of couple.

Indeed! Now, spread'em... the butter on the toast that is. >:3

O///O What is going on around here? O///O

Well~ I was just asking him to spread the butter on my toast... what else? X3

But but... I'm the butler! D: It's my job! ;~;

You can find a few jobs down here...


*Ties up the imposter and slices the head off*

Your murder will be quick and painful, if it were slow I would have to listed to you scream...

*holds* Shhhh! ^-^

Your life will be a living hell...WHEN I TAKE YOUR HAT!

You life will be hell... when I take away your prized screwdriver! O.O

Mine forever, that hat of course! >:D

I will now learn things...

O///O I'll never talk!

You again? Did you leave something here the first time or summat? Get out of my house! *shove* Go!

Hold still! *uses eraser on* >:D

Hey! That's MY hat!

*grabs it*

*never lets you go*

Stop getting into my basement.

Stop get into my basement that's not even real!

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