if you had the above avatar tied up in your basement

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That's why you are not going anywhere.

You're not getting away this time Satan!

AHA! I have you now criminal scum!

Good. Know your awfull memes can never see the light of day again.

Now no hurt can be done to Para! :D


Well, this is awkward.



Well, this is awkward.



Isn't it always?


I gotta catch 'em all indeed...

You look surprised!

Looks like I got me a good punching bag!

A dude with six hands....let your imagination run wild. :P

Hmmm... This is odd.

I know I shall poke them with a sharp stick

I shall reciprocate! >:/


I'd force him to make one hundred webcomics a day.

Ha you will never follow that lonely road ever again

Well I'd fuck her silly daily, of course.

I am having a little trouble seeing what it is but it is now in my basement. Well as long as he doesn't destroy my basement I'll be fine

How would I tie up a bunch of words? :o

I'm gonna need more rope! >.>

Well I would interrogate him of course

I'd interrogate you too! Like... to know more about you. :o

Apparently, interrogations are in order. So... I guess I'd interrogate them to find out... what their favorite kind of PASTRY is.

How do I tie up a seal... thing? :o

@Yureina: Well, ya pin it to your shirt... I guess.

Also, since we're here again... WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PASTRY?

Umm... cake! Chocolate cake! :D

OKAY, now that we have that solved...

Hmm... not sure what questions to ask anymore.

*Cuts Yureina down*

*ties Malyc up* Gotcha!

Now... what is your favorite color?

So I guess you are my prisoner now huh...
so um where is the buried treasure?

What buried treasure? :o

Hey I'm asking the questions here!

@Yureina: Um... I would have to say black. Also, why u tie me up?

@Springheel: You there! What is YOUR favorite pastry?

Black huh? That works for me!

How about.... your favorite food? :o

You again.

I have to keep you locked up so we stop meeting each other. Also there can only be one hat around here.

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