if you had the above avatar tied up in your basement

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*messes with Staika's box*

Problem, Staika?

Yes, that is my box well Para's box and I don't like other people messing with it D:<

Yeah! Only Staika can mess with it! >:c

@Para and Staika: ok fine... *messes with Staika*

@Para: *messes with para's box*
If only I could get a box of my own....

@Malyc: *Ignores malyc* You can't mess with me!

@Staika: *continues tugging staika's shirt til he gets a reaction*

@Malyc: *chops off malyc's arm*

@Staika: O.O

Victory has been achieved, but at what cost? AT WHAT COST???

@malyc: *tosses malyc's severed arm out of the window*
It was a small price to pay, for me. Not for you, you pretty much got screwed XD

@Mal: We have the technology. O.O

@para: Are you suggesting he become a robot O.O

@Staika: Are you insinuating that he shouldn't? D:

@Para: Of course I am. We can't have malyc become the lord of the robots, the world would be destroyed if that happened

@Staika: You're over thinking it. Nobody can become Lord of robots. Seeing as it's only the arm which's being changed. So... Will Smith. <.<

You lie, Emperor of Documents! The robots are MINE!

Although maybe "Lord" is the wrong title...

Lord? You're right. War Lord suits you~

No it doesn't! MEANIE! >~<

You're right! Warlock! At least, it's got class. >.>


*now has prosthetic robot arm, fights the robot who has subverted Asimov's 3 laws*

He has the technology. MY TECHNOLOGY.

*Kills V.I.K.I. and takes over the robots*

@Martian: Hmm... Am i going to have to kill you too, or are you an ally?

@Malyc: That depends...

...Do you like being a fleshy bipedal primate?

@Martian: Umm... yes? I find that to be a difficult question to answer so soon after getting home from work.

@Malyc: Then I'm afraid we have little to base an alliance on...

@Martian: O.O

Hmmm... honestly did not see that coming

*is destroyed by evil angry robot army of doom*

You didn't? Even when I was mad at the Emperor of Documents for being mean about me still being a fleshy bipedal human...oid? =o.O=

@Martian: I guess i didn't realize mr Document Emperor WAS being mean about that...

Oh, other things. But mostly that >.>

@Martian: I see...

*now has his favorite leather jacket back from getting the pockets fixed*

@Malyc: =o.o=

*Pounces and snuggles the jacket* =^-^=

@Martian: *is wearing the jacket, so is also pounced and snuggled*


*Keeps snuggling anyway* =^w^=

*prepares a snuggle cake and places it on a strap chair* >.>

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