if you had the above avatar tied up in your basement

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Fine. Does this punch taste like a mixture of Ruffees and Sodium Thiopental? It's ummm... healthy for you.

How did I kidnap you two, YOUR SUPPOSE TO BE MAKING SEASON 3!!!

We're making season 3 in your basement... ummm... surprise!!!!

Replace that girl with Moka and I will be a happy man...actually Yukari.

I would want to see that ending, so unexpected. 0_0
Don't blame my tastes...^_^ '

... Yukari? Really? I'll have to beat you over the head repeatedly. I would even take creepy Mizore over Yukari.

You just try...

And I'm not a fan of huge implants breasts.

You have your favorite character and I have mine, but we can easily see who he is going to end up with. -_-'

That's easy. It's going to be a long and stretched out thing that never ever EVER EVARRR gets resolved. But if I was a betting man, it would of course be Moka.

BTW... Kokoa > Yukari

That's pretty simple, but I know they will make it stretched out as far as possible. It would also be pretty weird if he turned out to go with Kokoa...well she will turn once she gets the Tsun out of her dere. Eventually...

Also...shut up you. -_-
Your the one tied up with your beloved demon.
(Also I wouldn't mind Kokoa)

I'm sure you wouldn't mind Kokoa


If that was possible in real life...WE'D BE DOOMED! (I blame you Daystar!.)

Also I wouldn't mind her at all...at all *Keeps watching GIF*. Also to say as a funny joke, I wouldn't mind her tied up in my basement! xD

Yeah. I'm imagining you as one of the nose bleeders in the gif right now. It's a rather silly mental image.

I probably would be. I can imagine that too, too bad there arn't any girls that would produce that effect. :P

Yeah it looks silly...also it's a bad way of dying.
Anyhow that's probably going to be a dream I'm going to have tonight when I hit the hay soon.

I would ask what the fuck he and overpuce were talking about... And then re-derail the thread by saying IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII'MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM BBBBBBBAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!

*Eye Brow Raise* You're bacon?

@Over: No, I'm BACK!

It's been a while since I last posted in this thread XD

@Mal: I think I read it correctly. And I will cover you with bacon and lather your hair with bacon grease!

@Over: But... that would make me wanna eat myself... O_O

@Mal: Oh inhuman torture indeed. MUHAHAHA!

@Topaz: NO!

@Over: You are a cruel man, and no mistake...

*noms a bit of arm*

@Mal: Could be worse, you could be waffle battered and covered in syrup. Mmmm... Waffles.

@Topaz: Yes Bacon!

@over: Waffles... with... shrimp?

How is this an edible meal? I like waffles, and I like shrimp... but together... it seems wrong...

@Mal: Apparently shrimp waffles exist... ummm... yuck?


@Over: What is this i don't even...

@Mal and @Topaz:
I've seen worse. My parents ate these on a regular basis (and so did I).

Love the new avatar. I shall torture you now... for science!

I'd untie them and let her continue doing... whatever it is she is doing.

You leave and then come back to mess up my fun? I shall destroy you now. Hold still while I get the laser systems online.

Leave them tied up so they can't use their laser systems.

*Ties The Night Angel to a rail road track and hops into a train* MUHAHAHAH!

*puts a coin on the rail*

LOL...I mean. *whistles*

I'd gag him to stop his terrible whistling

*Train wrecks and crushes everyone involved*

*The Night Angel, StormShaun and Overpuce appear in a basement in hell*

*Ties TNA and Shaun up and start building a hell laser*

"Screw this I don't belong here" I say as a Light shines on me.

*Ascends to Heaven*

"I'll be baaaaaaaaaaaack!" I say once more as I leave...

*Powers on Tractor Beam and targets Shaun.* Get over here! /Scorpion Voice

I'd take out his voice box. He isn't worthy of the Scorpion voice >.>

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