if you had the above avatar tied up in your basement

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Tries to steal red contacts, realises they aren't contacts, loses soul....

Tried to make sense from sentence, didn't, loses candy.

*picks up candy and runs from one hell of a butler*

*picks up kitchen ware and runs after you* :O

*is fucked...*


But but, I don't want to engage you in that way! >____>

@Para: O_O

*stops running, turns around*

... in which way did you want to engage me?

*gives you a fork and dental floss* Have fun and stay safe! Dental bills are brutal. >,>

Thank you!

... but what's the fork for? All I stole was candy..

Ssshhh. *puts finger on your lips* You need not question this act my dear.

I see...

*uses fork to eat candy*

Make them eat Pinecones...what?

Pinecones are well known for their choking properties. >.>

@Tizzy: I wish you luck with that... now what are you chewing on?

Cabanerra pasta and I am loving it!

Nice choice!

An excellent choice to partake in. Yes, quite.

*sips milk* Quite.

*sips whiskey*


*sips mango* Indeedly dee.


How can you sip a mango? Unless you pureed it, but...

*sips coffee*

Nyes indeed...

You're clearly not familiar with our mangoes.

*more sippy sip on mango* Indeed.

I must not be...

*sips on an apple*

This doesn't work very well...

*throws apple, sips mt dew instead*


*bites into chicken* Yeeeeeeeeees.


*steals cow*


*eats trout*


What... the...Fuuuuuuuuuuuuu
*Bites everyone in the neck*

NOM NOM NOM!!!!! Tastes like bacon!

@Over: Dafuq?


*grabs garlic and a stake, leaps at over*

No No No! You all smell like bacon... It's mPara's fault. He made me do it!!!!!

@over: *stops leap in midair, hovers*

Wha? How did Para make you make us taste like bacon?

Ummm... magic? He's magical... and convinced me that you all taste of delicious bacon. *Munches on Mal's arm*

*adjusts tie* Oh did I do that? Oh ho ho ho.

*applies BBQ sauce on Mal*

A lot of things as you can clearly see.

=O -> WAI?!?!?!

Seriously. He must have asked for it.

I think Para has exams or some such thing to deal with :(

I would replace them with the faulty turrets instead!!

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