if you had the above avatar tied up in your basement

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@Smurf: Right... Also, I just realized my reference didn't include the title of the film... so I'll put that here...

Legion. The old lady in the diner going crazy in Legion.

As XKCD has proven, there's only one sentence which makes perfect sense regardless of context.

'So it has begun...'


Para Para! The thread is on fire!
So it has begun.

Para Para! I love you!
So it has begun...

And so on and so forth.

That's...actually true :P

When have I ever lied to you~?

so, it has begun.....

has, so begun it.....

the amount of rape charges i would be guilty of....


*pats head* Nice try kiddo.


there is no try. do or do not.

and i did. your point?

@topaz: you have a point...

Indeed! A point so well rounded must be commended upon! :3

@Para: o_O

*tackles and tickles*

*bakes orange cake for everyone* cake anyone?

@Smurf: Depends, are we playing Portal right now?

Cause if we are... "First you will be baked, and then there will be cake."

@Malyc the cake is delicious and moist...

*tackles and tickles*

Oh you're so craaazy~ *cuddles*

@Para: Crazy like a fox!

@Mal: Adorable like a puppy. >.> Just saying. <.<

@Para: O_o

Like a puppy?

Time to experiment with my new formula.

@Tizzy: O_o

Not on me, I hope...

@Tizzy nor me, for I am nice

@Tizzy I want some formula, I haven't eaten for 2 days!

have some fresh cake @PsyhicTaco115!

@Evil Smurf: How'd you pick it up, cats have paws

No thumbs for cats! >:D

I am magic @PsyhicTaco115, how else do you think I fly?

@Evil Smurf: I assumed hallucinogens were used

Or that a catapult was used

@PsyhicTaco115 magic is a side effect of hallucinogens

@Evil Smurf Magic is just science waiting to be answered

Look what it did to the Greek/Roman gods

Magic is a card game and you know it!

When will the giant 3D holograms of such magical creatures be available for such card games!?

I don't know. I play Pokemon


And we NEED it!

It'll be totally useful!

Like a puppy?

Yus! Like an adorable puppy! :3 Like a huskie puppy I think. ^-^

No worries everyone! My formula is harmless *shifty eyes* have a taste!

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