if you had the above avatar tied up in your basement

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You're welcome!!!

overpuce is ruining basements! get him outta here!

I'll help!

Excellent! Toss him out! *tosses overpuce out with Troublesome Lagomorph's help*

Job well done! *high fives*

*Runs back into the basement and throws himself on the floor.*

I'm baaaaack!

*tranquilizes @over*

PARA! Another subject for our tests!

*straps @over to a menacing-looking chair*

I'm more concerned at the fact that I've got two half-demons in my basement.
Eh, if you guys are restrained looks like you can finally work out your relationship problems.
*pulls up therapy couch*
Now tell me about your childhood.

Why did you bring that spider thing in here!

*tranquilizes @over*

PARA! Another subject for our tests!

*straps @over to a menacing-looking chair*

Why thank you dear! Most helpful, this will be!

But you haven no hands!

But I do. Sexy sexy hands.

Not enough sexy!

Can you help me with that? 3:

*staggersin, completely exhausted*

Zese customers... zey vont stop buying ze tires... I've been workin 4 hours, aready put over 100 tires on vehicles...

Soeone kill me =(

*in Toga*
Fight to the death!
your emperor demands it!
*unties them and I'm promptly killed*

247 tires and wheels, $39400 total. New store record!

Ugh... exclamation took too much effort...


*fills basement with cement*
on the otherhand that would be waste of tasty manflesh.
*Takes a bite*

You mean demonflesh...

You mean demonflesh...

*gives you badge of honour* Most excellent to hear Mal! *gives you Death by Chocolate* >.>

@Para: *eats chocolate*

Wait just a sec-

*buries under floor boards*

Hello Trouble, so glad that you've come to join me for my tea party.
As if you had a choice!

*sets the tea sets and numerous concoctions of teas* Yes, indulge yourself in the teas of the world!

Hm, we should really do these more often Para.
Now would you like 10 tbs of vanilla extract or 20 tbs?
For those of you who don't know, too much vanilla extract can kill you.

I'd like 60 tbs of it my good man. :D

Vanilla can kill you? Shit... I love vanilla.

Only vanilla extract.
As you can see I'm stalked up on it so eat up everyone.*tries to feed it to the transforming Topaz*

*Get's medicine* here you go!

What is this the nice basement? I've been gone and you all get nice? *Punches Topaz in the gut*

Because your new Avatar draws my fist like a child to a manure pile.

I like it... it attracts my attention so of course you'll be the focus of my fury.

Who divided by Zero?

Bob, from accounting.

Isn't he dead, though?

I dunno... He might be. I'm sure there are a lot of Williams who work in the accounting field...

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