if you had the above avatar tied up in your basement

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Force him to watch me...!
play Just Cause 2.

Have hr watch the Beavis and Butthead movie 1000 times.

Have him watch A Clockwork Orange with the head strap on!

Have him play Painkiller with a track pad and his eyes closed.

Have him watch Disney Channel original movies on repeat, with the volume turned to the max

Tie him up and keep him in isolation, for the good of the world. Seriously, I sold my soul and torture people as a hobby, and even I find that despicable.

I'd perform the shady sands shuffle on him.

I'd draw rainbows and unicorns on your chest.

Draw a doodle of a noodle on yer noggin!

Take his wizard hat to use as a spare

Make him put on his wizard hat and robe, then leave.

*Take your hat for myself*

It doesn't suit you. Go get one off that dead cowboy over there.

Chain her up and make a brick wall that seals her inside

a la Cask of Amontillado!

Make you watch that TV with only static and the occasional image thrown in to brainwash you...

Ship him to Siberia and force him to work in the Gulag

Oh goody.
Tell me where the quesadilla went and I won't have to fill you with grease and mush.

*takes lightsaber*

*takes hat*

Careful, there's water on the floor, those bolts of lightning might cause some problems.

now you'll never eat another person again mr. Dino

I'll be taking that giant clover leaf with me, I need some luck.

*Takes dinosaur* This is perfect for my army!

I needed that...

I'll turn on the lights so you can see the horror.

Flood the basement with tar

Seems fitting enough for a dinosaur

Eats the taco's. Wish Tacoman would have used a female body.

Tickle that moustache mercilessly.

*pokes with a stick* Why are you doing that face Mister?

*Pokes him in the left eye* Why are you blinking kid?

Chastise him for his lack of fancy clothing

*puts a box over his head*

*Taunts you with a fat juicy kid*

*takes black shirt*

*paints fluorescent colours*

*sharpens eating utensils*

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