if you had the above avatar tied up in your basement

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*places cheese just out of reach*

There you go. :)

Cut off his limbs, of course




*slaps you with rubber chicken*

I would walk away slowly because I know he's a hug monster.

I'd hug him instead, leaving him tied up for Para! >:D

I would steal all their electricity!

*Flicks your nose continuously*

Use him as a hug decoy.
People here like hugs too much.

Charge $5 for other users to hug him

It's deviously fiendish!

@PsychicTaco115 Well that's odd, though I highly doubt that's a reasonable price, though chaining someone on your basement and charging for hugs sounds awfully macabre.
I guess it fits with the season...


I am not amused by your schemes!
For that I am selling you to the black market. Let them have their way with you.

Huh, it's usually the damsel who ends up here. Ah well.

*Waits for incoming train.*

Can I help you to some Sun Chips?

How the hell did I manage to tie up the crazier version of TRON?

I... I don't remember putting a throne or dog down here. How did you do that?

Now I can dismantle you and give my horse some snazzy armour.

That'll work sure!

Just give 2 bucks and you're set! :D

Stop giving me that look. You know the one.

You shall be my dance partner or you shall die.

Howdy pardner! Looks like your jig is up!

How did I tie you up with all those skulls flying at me!?

It's your power to believe in your self!

Tell me a joke!

You can try to zap me but those ropes are made of special conducting shizz.
Mwuahaha now nobody can stop me from stealing such a valuable Pokémon.

I can! *throws skull at Nantucket* Now I can take that horse!

Take off your hat skull and place it slightly out of reach.

Captcha: I want control

Well this won't end well...

*Stomps over and retrieves hat. Pours water over White Lightning and then leaves. You can rust for all I care.*

*gives horse peanuts* There there. We all understand that you've seen terrible things under the rule of Nantucket. Let it all out. Herr Doctor Para is here to help. :D

Dr Para, why does my wee smell like asparagus?

Although I'm not a professional, it might have something to do with the fact your skull is outside your head. We call this 'Cubone syndrome'.

This is why I keep you tied up in my basement.
You speak the devil's words.

You can stay, I'm riding the horse into the sunset.

How do I contain a .GIF?!

We'll keep you as a hostage; the cops are coming as I speak!

Firstly: how did I overcome all of you?

Secondly: I'm hungry...

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