if you had the above avatar tied up in your basement

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*ties you up an forces you to watch Batman and Robin*

*releases the Kraken* :D

Oh come on, do you know how hard it is to get one of those?! There are maybe 2 left! And now they're humping... Oh dear lord.

Are you who I think you are? Hmmm...

*pulls out deathscythe*

*polishes pen* Ah yes, the Impersonator.

Tut tut, shame on you.

I think we both know that these bonds won't hold you.

I know they won't hold me. :3

Time to... cook...

*lights flamethrower*

*nails to seat*

Stay there I have a present for you...


*polishes vase* It's a nice basement.

Why is this basement filled with bodies?

*Blindfolds you*

At last! I am free from your trance.

I need someone to tell me how my wiggling is

And to tell me I'm sexy

Taco, you're sexy. And I think you know it >_>

OT: Kill it with all of my goddamn fire.

Call the Police because there is a stranger in my Basement.

Well I'll finally be able to study it from up close and find out what it really is.

You young child, have been charged with slaying the demons of the basement. Excluding me.

Get to it.

We meet again Mr. Butler. For the last time.

We meet again, well kept horse.

For the first time.


I look away for ONE SECOND and I find you messing with my valuables!

Cut off his head, because of reasons

This isn't a democracy; this is a Taconarchy

I think the brovengers are goooonnnnaaa love this!

I shall send them a video of you being EATEN alive!

I shall post a video of you being a MAN.

Make fun of your hair because it looks quite silly.

Assuming that isn't a human, I'd just sell the damn thing. Creepy o_O

Your head, my desk

I think you can figure out how it got there

As you can see, this is a form of power harassment.


*writes notes furiously*

Feeds your notes to a Dog.

*burns notes* NO ONE CAN KNOW OUR LOVE.

Oh that? I sent that out a while back.


I am efficient at getting dirt of you! *grabs steel pipe*

I am efficient at making sure that people don't fight.

*Draws a moustache on your face*

*Connects his eyebrows to make it a unibrow*


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